Back in the days before God invented blogs, Mr. Dot and I used to go Upstate New York on the weekends (just like Carried tried to do a few times with Aiden). We rented a sweet log cabin on the Esopus River, near Woodstock, built by three brothers in the 1930s. I named it the Magic House.

We used to go fly fishing (well, he did) at a spot where he felt was the best fishing, which we called The Laundry, because there was once a commercial laundry that supplied the hotels and camps in the area. Because I couldn't properly swim (too shallow) I'd have to find other ways to amuse myself, which is how the whole bringing the tripod/camera doing 'self portraits' thing started. Then I'd play around with them in early versions of Photoshop. Everything was primitive back then.

I also did real collages with flower seed catalogues: I was really into making dresses out of real flowers. And I've always dressed this way: in fact I still have the same prescription tortoise Ray Ban sunglasses: same sneakers, similar black tops, and somewhere, those shorts. I'm still trying to find them in the depths of my cupboards. I know they're there.

I've never followed trends, I've always just dressed how I liked. It's just freaky right now: everything I used to wear - the boots with the lacy dresses, the whole thing - is how people are dressing now. When I'm old and grey - which isn't far off - I will still dress this way. Just try and stop me.

Prescience: the power to foresee the future


Unknown said...

bellissima foto!!!
xoxo from rome

styleeast said...

And so you should!

This photo is just gorgeous x

Emily said...

That's the spirit! I love this attitude. You are who you are, and the trends may pass through you but you stay true to yourself. Great photo!

Vanessa said...

i love it looks adorable


Ashley Dy said...

Love this post great photo! And I agree with you, we shouldn't drown ourselves to fads.

Adorngirl said...

originality is always the best trend. keep u what you're doing as it's obviously working. xx

Matthew Spade said...

what goes around come around, literally

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

what a beautiful image, jill. i agree with adorngirl, originality is always the best trend.

love, jazzabelle. x

Copious Couture said...

I love this!!!! If you have more pics like this please share!!!!


Silkybow said...

Fashion always comes back. I think it is really good how you do not follow trends and rather dress the way you like to. I like it (:

mtg said...

love this post!
trends... what fascinates me about trends is why something looks appealing today and out tomorrow? why some things i see are love at first site, and others have to grow on me? but i end up loving it just the same? i know the idea is not to follow trends and have your own style, but still trends fascinate me. they are so vain and so fun! my eternal goal is of course not to look like everybody else. and be a little different. sometimes it is very comfortable to just blend in.

Anonymous said...

Love this.

Style Odyssey said...

well, what goes around comes around- as "they" say in the fashion world. it's all cyclical, as i learned way back in my History of Costume class at fashion school.

now here's a question, J: did you keep all those things because you thought they'd come back in vogue, or did you keep them for nostalgic purposes, or economic reasons, or....?

off topic- i didn't know you had prescription ray ban sunglasses...i just had my pair fitted w/ prescription lenses (to keep from having to wear contacts so much). anyway, it's a great idea.

Adele said...

Great image!

- Adele

Leah said...

You are a trendsetter without you knowing it... that's what prescience is all about.

Happy weekend my dear friend! xoxo

The Photodiarist said...

How cool!