shini shini polka dot

Isn't there a song like that, from the 50s, by some girl band like the Shirelles?

It's late, I'm tired, Mr. Dot's asleep, I"m looking at photos I didn't post, catching up on lovely blogs I haven't visited recently, reading your wonderful comments. I took this at Snog in the West End with Shini (Park&Cube) and other lovely blog friends (you might have seen posts about this already).

Haven't touched a thing in these shots, but can you see? I shot this thru the glass, we were inside, that's my polka dot shirt. And here's another weird thing: you all probably know cause you follow her blog, but it was Shini's birthday! And I just heard from her and she didn't mention it: that's so like her. Modest. She's such a classy dude.

Altho it was in June, it was a cool day, and frankly recently it was so hot, I just felt too warm looking at her gorgeous ensemble to post. Plus, I wanted to check with her first. I've got a lot of shots from that day that I haven't showed you yet. All in good time. (That's the lovely Kit Kat, aka Kit Lee of Style Slicker, on the left)

If you want to see something really spooky... that's Jen, the Style Crusader, reflected in her shirt. We were making such a fuss about her gorgeous transparent shirt, but this was totally unplanned.

I have nothing clever or interesting to say. You are all amazing, and I am grateful beyond words for the time you've been taking to write your thoughts, especially in recent days. That's all I ever wanted from this blog: to make a place where people could come and talk to each other. So I'm going to go to sleep now, and see what you surprise me with tomorrow morning. Make yourself at home.

p.s. Thank you to the fabulous Amy @ Style Spy:


Unknown said...

so funny, i recognized Jennifer in the reflection before i read that that was her.

Style Odyssey said...

I see the transparent references- of course in her shirt, but I see your polka dot shirt (how clever, Polka Dot!) and even Jen, now that I know.

I'm grateful for you, Jill. And for your wonderful blog.

'Night! (It's the wee a.m. hours where you are- and very late here.)


Silkybow said...

I really like to read Shini's blog and Kit's photography. I also love reading yours too! :)

CORAL said...

i love the way she dressed !
the pants and the blouse looking good together .

Vanessa said...

love the outfit

Adorngirl said...

Another great post you really know how to capture people in a moment. xx

StyleSpy said...

Shimmy Shimmy Coco Bop -- Little Anthony & the Imperials

Thanks for the earworm...

Anonymous said...

yep! nice outfit!

the style crusader said...

jill, that is too funny. i didn't even realize that was me reflected in the glass. i was just looking at the photo thinking the colours in the reflection looked really funky and surreal. it wasn't until i read that i was the reflection that i spotted it. a little creepy. these shots are awesome. i would have taken photos of shini through the glass too - except, i think that is my camera that she is holding! xx

The Photodiarist said...

Great photos, Jill. The reflection of Jen is cool.

Love Food said...

Great photos. Her shirt is lovely.

Lydia xxx