Tomorrow is the 4th of July which of course no one mentions here. Or least, not in the Dot household. It's like the World Cup: once England was knocked out last Sunday, as Mr. Dot patiently explained to me 'no one cares anymore, Jill.' I guess it's the same for the Colonies gaining their Independence..

Thank you for your thoughtful comments: Andy, my nephew, is much better, and he's going - with his girlfriend, and the rest of my sister's family - to my mother's beach home on the end of Long Island for the weekend. We're up crack of dawn, Mr. Dot is already showering and I've got to post and pack: up to the glorious Herefordshire countryside, staying with the Dot-in-Laws, seeing a whole pack of old Herefordian friends in for the weekend, including someone's twin baby girls. And hopefully, swimming in a water hole his brother Marcus loved.

As I pack, all I care about is staying cool. Last Sunday, while Germany slaughtered England (sorry, honey) and we played in a ping pong tournament at a party, I developed this hideous heat rash on my stomach. So frankly I can't think about anything past swimsuits and the lightest of clothing. Can't even post street shots of people in clothing, my head is only aimed at the water.

Dug up this old shot from somewhere wonderful. I couldn't remember who took it - it didn't seem possible to use a tripod on sand - and then I remembered, this is from one of our countless winter holidays in the Carribean, me and Mr. Dot, so he must have been the photographer. And he never took photos back then!

Swimsuit by a British designer who still has a shop in London, I believe (blanking on her name: she did these waffle materials, and I bought that same swimsuit twice). That Breton top was that iconic American sportswear brand - not Abercrombie & Fitch, but something like it. Ray Bans, prescription, as before, and skirt and hat, stylist's own.

My sweet friend Stephanie (Style Odyssey) asked why I still have everything: A), I'm a pack rat, but it's also because if I like something - a pair of shoes, a flower even when it's dried, a person - it's hard to let them go.

Have a glorious, sunny weekend everyone! Celebrate YOUR independence! Go forth, and multiply.


Alma said...

Have a nice weekend and good luck at the ping pong tournament!

Anonymous said...

ha, so so cute! love the collage! looked like fun! would love love to be near the ocean or seaside now! have a wonderful weekend!

Love Food said...

Such a fun photo and love what you've done with it on the second one. And it's a lovely swimsuit, I need to have a look for one.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Lydia xxx

minnja said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely !!!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ha, ha! I was wondering if it was rude to wish a Brit a happy 4th, or was it like rubbing salt in a wound. Happy weekend to you Madame Dot. And here's to a lovely day at the beach.

mtg said...

"sunshine" is perfect title for this post. i only know you from your blog, but your personality really is (at least to me)like rays of sun on a cloudy day. sorry, i know it sounds cheesy... i never claimed to be a writer ;)
happy 4th! have fun!

Style Odyssey said...

Thanks for the link, J! After I'd commented, I figured that was probably the reason you kept everything. I have a bit of that in me, too. And I actually look forward to going through all my stuff (stored at my dad's) which will be like going back in time, reliving a few memories. :)
I love these pics of you on some beautiful Caribbean beach. Of course I'm wondering if it's the BVI...could be Cane Garden Bay, as I see surfers in the background...

mtg said...

i still cringe when i think how i got rid of my black leather lace-up granny boots from Nine West from more than a decade ago. i WANT them back soooo bad!!! i kept them for all these years and just last year was cleaning out my closet and donated them. the only comforting thought: maybe someone who is using them really needs them... they were still in really good shape. i used to wear them with my black maxi dress with tiny brown flower design on it. i even dreamed about my boots last year!!! LOL

the style crusader said...

love that you said 'stylists own' could it equally have been models own? i LOVE this photo! you are too adorable! that breton striped top looks so lovely! like the blue one we saw at AA! it looks heavy/thick... but not too thick. i love all these old photos that you are digging up!

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! xx

Anonymous said...

Aww you have such great pictures! You haven't changed one bit and I think that's wonderful. :)


daniela kate morosini said...

my goodness jill, you still look this good! have a lovely break x