wallace, the baby beckham of baseball, making noris laugh

What a lovely feeling to come back to the internet cafe and see your sweet comments! To know that the time spent posting is worth it, that there are people out there visiting my virtual world. We've packed so many stories into these past few days, I've shot hundred of photos, and it's overwhelming to choose the best or any particular theme, so I've decided instead to simply click open randomly and post what I can, when I can. I'll continue to post Dominican Republican shots while on Long Island, I'm sure (and London street style: I still haven't posted tons of those!)

Today's focus seems to be Wallace, the younger of the two Clark brothers. He is a total character, a bundle of energy. Both brothers are excellent athletes - they're local heros with the baseball community here - everywhere we go, everyone knows them - but as their mom, my friend Annie has observed, Wallace is pure action: he's like a baby Beckham. The Beckham of Baseball. Toby is more ethereal, analytical. When it rains, I discover his writings: he's literally memorised the Cabrera team's batting averages.

Above all, Wallace is a total clown, and reminds me a lot of how Mr. Dot must have been as a child.

And at the centre, the heart, is Noris, who is so wise and kind. There are three staff at the house, and each are incredible in their own way. All the people we are meeting here have such heart. I love this country, I don't ever want to leave.


Unknown said...

The fourth picture down made me laugh a lot! I'm glad you are having a good time!

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

oh, isn't he so cute? he does seem very energetic indeed. i want his shorts, they are awesome!

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Martine : D said...

He seems to have fun ; ) Hope the rest of your holiday will be just as great!

Unfair Dismissal Lawyers Melbourne said...

Love lol so so so cute

Peter Carew said...

So much fun..