all the lovely flowers

Have you ever been so tired you can't even spell the simplest of words? That's how I'm feeling - it's suddenly hit me. We took the 8:15 a.m. train yesterday to Leicester, to Next HQ, for the most wonderful blogger's event, having had a girl's sleepover at Shini's place with Kit and Jen and we stayed up all night (more about that coming up in future posts: I just can't seem to write anything that makes sense right now.

I can't explain the rules because the tiredness has just set in, but they were very deserved winners. (We all had to style our own outfits - these aren't the outfits they styled, this is them in their civilian attire).

There will be more posts, and better posts. You have my word. But right now, we've had the film 2001 out from LoveFilms for ages and if we don't watch the end tonight, I've threatened Mr. Dot that he can't choose any more films. And I've just squandered all this time uploading and painstakingly creating folders for every day of the month of January, even tho each date was clearly labelled December. I don't dare operate heavy machinery. I can't even show you all the photos I want to, but I have allowed myself one shot, of the pudding (my favourite, sticky toffee) and the lovely roses, in a room filled with stylish English roses.. and a few from other countries, too.

The winners from left to right are: Sandra of 5 inches and up, Shini of Park & Cube, Emma of FashionBite, Daniella of the F Blog, and Jennifer, aka the Style Crusader. Frances (of Happy Because) and I were sitting at the table with Shini, Sandra, Jen and Daniella when the winners were called, thus making us the only two losers at the table, but she pointed out that it was mathematically impossible that we'd all win. Besides, everyone that showed up yesterday was a winner. All you lovely flowers.

Big thank you to Jenny and Katie at Jam, and Emma and Helen and everyone else at Next who made this so amazing. More coming up.

(and p.s. sorry: I should have clarified: this was just what they wore to the event: the actual outfits they designed - the winning outfits - coming up in future posts, so stay tuned, you lovely bloggeristas!) xox


Love Food said...

Great photos.
I love Shini's skirt.

Lydia xxx

Lucy said...

aawww well done winners! All your outfits were fab and inspiring! Was so pleased to have been invited - quite flattered to be gossiping with all you greats hehe i love that we all got the chance to see each other again though :)
p.s i was intending to smuggle one of those flowers out! damn! hehe

A Girl, A Style said...

Aww, what lovelies they all are! I was so sad to have an invite but not be able to make it - the small issue of a day job does get pesky when I have lovely invites to reply to! Hopefully bump into you somewhere soon.

Miss B xx

Kit said...

Woohoo! They are well deserved winners! Same here I don't have any energies left to post about the event...will do that next week.

Shini said...

Hahaa that first photo of me makes my arm look like a wrestler's. Oh too bad, can't give up my wrestling.

Seriously had the best time, before and during... x

jill said...

No, Shini, you can't give up the wrestling ; )

Kit I can't believe you THEN went to the Black Swan premiere ANd did work today!

Miss B: just left you a message on your blog - it's gorgeous. Just going by the first post, I love those beautiful images of sand shells and sea.

Lucy now that I think of it: I wish I did, too. That was such a great touch, those beautiful colours, in a room with all you English roses! ha, just realised that: I'm going to add that to my post now.

And Lydia, thank you too! xx

Anonymous said...

fantastic picture of the winners! and i love the pics of the pudding, i think i ate about three of them lol. what a wonderful day that was, and it was so lovely to meet other bloggers such as yourself!

Frances Davison said...

ah, maths. always there to blame when I fail in life.
great post great day see you soooon! xxx

slowdownapproaching30 said...

Sticky toffee pudding is a personal fave of mine... closely followed by Pavlova! Looks like it was a fun day.

the style crusader said...

@shini - haha, before, during... but not after? not after when you were snoozing on the train behind your hair. you looked too cute. i had such a blast too.

jill this is such a lovely post, even if i am totally invading daniella's personal space in the last photo. i can't believe she didn't smack me. i seriously was delusional and so tired. i still am. off to bed.

but not before saying this was a lovely lovely day. xx

Sarah Nash said...

Looks utterly amazing and so do all the girls - looks like a blast... now go get some rest - all of you!!!


Unknown said...

Really had a great day but am somehow still tired from all the excitement! Shame I didn't get to chat to you as much but glad you enjoyed it nonetheless. It did feel like we were all winners in some way and it was great to learn more about the brand.

Daniella said...

aww cute post, i had such a fun day. glad i ended up waking up on time- as everyone was seriously doubting that i would haha!
and sorry- i know my twitter name is too long and difficult haha, im contemplating changing it!
see you soon xoxo

jill said...

aww daniella, don't change a thing about you, least of all your name. it just means i've got less room to say something which in my case is not a bad thing.

and yeah: we were placing bets if you'd show. i'm down twenty quid. can't wait to see you again soon. xoxox

jill said...

p.s. and Kb I feel the same way: just left two loooooooong comments on your fabulous post (check it out everyone) so that's the equivalent of several (one sided) chats. Let's get you in on a coffee plan - Breakfast Club in Hoxton anyone? xx

hillaryp said...

I love Shini's skirt! And Emma looks very chic as well! I wonder what events similar to this are out there for bloggers like me :)

hillaryp said...

oh, and Sandra too :)

Beautifully Invisible said...

Everyone looks amazing - would love to have seen a couple shots of you together at the table! It sounds like it was a fabulous event.

Beautiful photographs as always - you can almost smell the roses!

jill said...

Thanks Hillary, Beautiful.. I've got lots more photos, just trying to juggle a lot of other things since I've been back.. I promise, more coming up!

Style At Every Age said...

The girls look so beautiful and young and fresh faced, aren't they gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

lovely photos, im sorry to hear about your friend i hope all is well.
yep i was the grey dress with the lace detailing haha - a shoot would be great.
i loved the event, was great to meet other bloggers and get more hands on with forthcoming collections. keep in touch xx