the butterfly effect

Elisabeth, of Thrills and Frills, who I met at the Next event last week. Everything was happening so fast all at once so it was just a quick 'ooh I love your skirt, where'd you get it?' 'It's Acne!' (I think she got it on sale at a great price). Admired the way she dressed it all down it with brogues (or Oxfords, as I vaguely remember calling them in my previous life, in NY) and black tights and that great Oxford tee shirt and brown cardigan, then went back all ladylike with red lipstick.

A quick shot and back to the mad shopping spree of our styling challenge. So I didn't even get to see what she wore for that.

Elisabeth is 'a Northern Irish lass living in London' and what does this have to do with butterflies? Absolutely nothing, it's just I stumbled on these shots from last summer when we went to a hummingbird sanctuary that is only open for one day a year, and the images felt proportionally compatible with her outfit. And somehow in my memory the pattern on her Acne skirt, which someone calls the Nelli skirt (this is the only link I could find - I guess they're not selling it now) seems to be floral, but hey, ho, it's lovely just the same. (Speaking of Acne: on twitter recently, I think it was Marin, tweeted something about Acne and immediately got blitzed by pharmaceutical companies. And I replied and they started tweeting me, too. Funny old world.

I wanted to call this post 'the butterfly effect' and didn't have a clue what it meant, well READ THIS because it's tied in with chaos theory and essentially a small change in one place can have a large effect somewhere else. It can lead to Time Travel! Part of this idea which I am so smitten with, that we're all connected in the most random ways and that - and tracking style trends feels somehow proof of this - sometimes things can happen all over the place, at once, for no apparent reason. Like watch: someone, somewhere, reading this, will suddenly see a butterfly today.

Have you noticed lately that we no longer dress all up or all down? The dress it up, dress it down concept is what, to me, feels so new and creative about the 21st century. I love how I can wear leggings and a jumper and if I throw on heels it's a look. But if I'm wearing a dress or something girly I pull out the scruffiest boots I can find. There seems to be a scruffy/girly balance these days (oh and by the way THANK YOU: I love your comments on 'how we dress' - please join the conversation!) I mean think about it, when's the last time you were ladylike head to toe? Anyway, stop by Thrills and Frills and say hi to Elisabeth, she's a wee lovely lass.


Kazuko said...

so true. also in the sense that there are no typical evening and day time clothing rules anymore. love it!

Unknown said...

Ahhhh so jealous of her skirt and her top, think I need to take a visit to Oxford soon! I love the scruffy/smart balance, I guess it's because I'm not totally comfortable with smart dressing and need to mess it up in some sort of way.

cecylia.com said...

I love the butterflies!! So beautiful!

Yeah I love the masculine/feminine balance- a good outfit has a good mixture of both!

Pearl Westwood said...

I love the butterflies, they do look like the print on her skirt! Concepts like String Theory really fascinate me, if I could go back in time I would totally snaffle myself an impressive vintage clothing haul LOL!
I have set up a little shop on my blog selling some vintage actually, so its not like i need anymore but how amazing would it be to go back and see it all then!


Matthew Spade said...

i don't think i ever dress scruffy but i'm never really swanky even if it's at a posh do. there's always something going on that brings it down but not in a bad way. i hate the thought of having to wear a boring grey suit to a wedding. never going to happen.

never squish any bugs people!

Anonymous said...

Well, Russian ladies still often dress ladylike from head to toe. Need to make a photo of my Russian friend. It is lovely and/or chic, and often it is boring. I like European democracy in the dressing styles.

Fashion Limbo said...

Funnily enough, after I read your article jumped to another one that was talking about butterflies hehe!

You took a really nice picture of Elisabeth, loved how the colours in her skirt are somehow brought to life by your camera.

Also, butterflies are set to replace florals in Spring/Summer...well that's what the "experts" say :P

Unknown said...

Gorgeous pictures- I love the skirt!!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Elisabeth is LUUUUUVELY! It's true, these days it seems to be all about BALANCE - posh skirt with bf t-shirt, blouse with jeans etc. I blame the stylists :)

WeShop said...

Elizabeth is so incredibly pretty. Loved her skirt last week too. xx

Unknown said...

First off- I love her outfit. It's so nifty in that effortless looking sort of way. Big fan. Also, the juxtaposition of the butterlfy photographs with the ones of her is beautiful. They coordinate so well, especially with her skirt. I feel like British fashion for women has been leaning so much towards little hidden gardens the past few years, with the florals and light fabrics- just like a sunlit butterfly bush. And you nailed that in this post. I hadn't checked your blog in about a month (before that I was a faithful reader, but then life got hectic) and, after seeing this post, I remember why I love it. Keep doing your stuff, it's awesome.


Chuck said...

Love this, so understated. And the casual bit of Acne!

jill said...

Volga: that's an interesting point. I keep assuming what I see in London is kind of universal 2011 style, but we're watching a GREAT BBC tv series here called Zen (anyone reading this: download it on iPlayer ASAP: It is soooo Italian) and I could really see how there is an Italian style, and it is more 'polished' - more ladylike - than what I see here.

Curious which countries are also more ladylike head to toe. Aha I feel another post theme developing!!

Meanwhile tho: Mat what brought up the part about not squishing bugs? ; ) I happen to be someone who will dive into a swimming pool to save a floundering insect. True story.

Sabine: I blame the stylists, too.

Emily: glad you're back. Yeah this past month has been a kind of black hole time warp for everyone - self included. I feel I've missed everyone's posts, so much to catch up on.

Thanks each of you. g'night! xx

Adorngirl said...

with the dressing up or down completely depends where I am. when I first had the kids I really made an effort to look nice on the school run as I didn't want to be one of those mums who looked so scruffy, but over time I have become those scruffy mums in the morning at the schol gate, I just let up it's too damn early to actually care what everyone thinks, and I feel part of the tired mums club, as we are all in the same boat

for general its always down to my mood, and i love how you have written to your mood, it's an outfit post but damn it I am going to post about these gorgeous butterflies, but you still manage to tie it all together,

will make sure to check out her blog, the name sound intruiging.

Heather Fonseca said...

I can't do the mix it up thing. I just look confused or like I'm homeless or something. I think it's for the young. Sigh.


Sherin said...

She really looks amazing. It's great how she dressed down the skirt with a casual t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

a massive thank you for this post!!!its WONDERFUL :D
i love the butterflies too! i think the print of the skirt is why i fell in love with it straight away, what a lovely day that was too, i miss everyone already!

Cellardoor said...

Her skirt is gorgeous x