from the bottom up

Do you ever have one of those days where you just can't summon the energy to get anything done, least of all a post? I am just feeling so.. defeated at the moment, at the injustice of it all. My and Roz's family's Elle Hell is so not over (anyone who wants to know more, just email me, I don't want to dirty my blog with it, it's just dominated my December) but it's making me feel like just throwing in the towel. I've tried ALL DAY to get this post up and I just can't feel all perky and excited about anything at the moment, let alone shoes. I just feel like 'what's the point in putting my watermark on' and further: I don't want to keep putting up my photography for free so someone else on staff at Elle or somewhere else can just swoop down like a falcon and steal my baby birds from my nest and laugh at me when I say that's so unfair.

Whew. Rant over. Feel better. Not really, but I'm visiting our lovely friend Major Bobby in the hospital and I need to put on a smile.

The reason for this shoe post is I was thinking about what someone commented recently in regards to how we dress ('purple reign') - and now I can't find who it was to credit them! - about starting with the shoes and working their way up from there. Something like that.

These were all shot either at Next's Style Challenge day last week, or at Shini's place the night before. We all fell in love with one pair or other of the Next shoes: I've already used some of my voucher to buy the ones I chose, the Two Part Knot Sandals in black (£46) - we tended to fall into two camps, the ones who chose nude, as Jen did, above, and the ones who chose black - but other favourites were the Raffia Criss Cross sandals for £38, and the Tan Colour Block Loafers (such a pedestrian name for such an elegant shoe) at £45, below:

So many more looks I'd like to show you, but if you want to see each blogger's style challenge results (including me looking particularly unstylish and rather bottom heavy - I was wearing my jeans over leggings and they were six sizes too large) simply click here.

I totally forgot my point but the gist of it is: when in doubt, I start with the shoes and work my way up from there. It's amazing what a good pair of heels can do to lift a girl's spirits.

How's YOUR day going so far? Thank you to Jennifer, The Style Crusader, for posing for this post. I really hope it doesn't end up on Spanish Elle's blog. Again.


Style At Every Age said...

I love the colour block loafers! Jill, have I missed something, I don't know about your Elle Hell, you have my email, I am so sorry that whatever it was has caused you so much anguish. xxx

Kazuko said...

congrats - the shoes look fabulous. would have chosen the black ones, too.

the elle hell... you know that i have to think of it every time i see an elle issue on the supermarket shelf?

i find their behaviour after you've tried to contact them even more embarrassing for elle than the fact that they stole your images actually. i mean, they could have said: "ok, we tried it, didn't work. sorry, the images are courtesy of..." - which is bad enough. but to ignore you and other readers/bloggers - this is really rude and also not very smart image-wise.

but don't let them ruin your amazing blog!

*sunday* said...

love the ones Jen is wearing! i need to get a pair. My favourite are Mulberry ones but they are soo exxy


Unknown said...

great picture love the shoes :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Ha! I still have a Next voucher and TOTALLY love the loafers! Don't let h-ELLE-gate put you down, Jill! It's your blog, your creativity and YOUR readers! xoxo

San said...

Ah, sooo sorry to read that h-ELLE-gate isn't over yet. Those ELLE persons are just abominable.

My day wasn't so much better either, but there will come better times. Believe in it and make them happen. After all there are cupcakes!! (Or Starbucks in my case.) Just put on the shoes you like most and go and buy yourself a cupcake or two. Treat yourself nicely.

jojo said...

Hi Jill!
I am a loyal (but silent!) reader of your blog and i was furious when i saw Elle's action (and inaction). This behaviour is expected from smaller blogs and by oversight (hey we are all human) but is very unusual from a brand that is large and well respected - I wonder what the editorial team in the US and UK would think if they heard of this behaviour?

This is even more sensitive given due to Roz's age and situation.

I am sure that you are dealing with this in the best way for you possible- but carry on your wonderful high quality work ! xx

Laura said...

I'm a new reader of your blog, and I've only read about this hell(e) of yours now.. Wow. I'm completely flabbergasted.
Even if it were just the one blogger at fault she still represents the bigger brand, and this kind of thing is just so inexcusable!
I've been reading ELLE UK & ELLE Finland for years, and can't imagine they would ever do such thing.

Keep fighting, and keep up the amazing work. I love your blog, it's definitely one of my favourite interweb reads :)

Take care