shoes don't grow on trees, you know

More from the Joshua Tree series... Mr. Dot is making me photograph his conceptual art idea at Brompton Cemetery today, in the rain, so no time for chit chat. I've tinted the brown genuine alligator court shoes in the shot so you can see them: that's another thing I used to do in those days, carry a pair of shiny red patent pumps around and shoot them when I didn't have a tripod: they were my alter ego. Self portrait of naked invisible woman wearing red shoes.


Unknown said...

Great photos :) Brilliant idea!

Olivia Isabella. said...

Am in love with all the photos at this location!
Love the hat... Seems like a turban? Which, if it is, is very coincidental and I am madly researching them at the moment for art.
UO x

daisychain said...

These look like they came straight from a magazine Jill,
there are just no words for your talent x

jill said...

Thanks Kate, Daisychain, and Olivia: I think it was actually a swimming cap! ; ) (what are you researching them for, 'for art' btw? Curious) x

Style Odyssey said...

shoes don't grow on trees? what, they don't?? ;)
will we be seeing mr dot's conceptual work?


Unknown said...

There's just something about red shoes isn't there....as a child I remember having a pair of shiny red ankle boots and I was inconsolable when they became too small for me to wear any more. I now own a pair of red flat pumps with a bow on that I feel the same way about but know that I won't grow out of them, only wear them out....perhaps I ought to start looking for my next pair? :)