marsh mellow

Hello, 2011. I know you're only one day old, and this must all seem quite strange to you, but we have high hopes for you and total faith that you're gonna be a Great Year.

I've got about six different posts I want to do, and have been thinking about how the kind of clothes I want to wear lately - and the fashion that inspires me - is going in several separate directions, like I'm mad about prints and mixing up crazy prints, and because Jen sent me a lovely black snood I've been really into the simple mostly black Audrey Hepburn trouser look, and I'm still really into variations of purple, midnight blue, forest green, and black, but mostly what I want to wear right now is white. White with pale grey, nude, dusty pinks and greyish baby blues and thick beige tights and chunky white jumpers, like this homemade marshmallow in the best hot chocolate at the Green Cafe in Ludlow, on the river, with the killer ducks.

It's saturday night and Mr. Dot and I are hanging out in bed, drinking tea, and hoping that we're not getting the flu. How's your year going so far?


Pearl Westwood said...

That is one hell of a marshmallow!! I never thought before but am wondering how they make them and where the name came from, might have to go google it!

adrielleroyale said...

Awesome pictures :)

Carrott said...

I'm sad because I'm leaving my home, my mum, my dad, my grandma, my dog, my bed, my spanish food, the weather... But I think the minute I get inside my bed there in London the sadness will be over and I will be anxious to start college again. Bu it seems that the year hasn't started yet for me because I haven't been out of my house yet so it's weird, I feel 2010 is over but it's not 2011 yet! xxx

The Photodiarist said...

The year is going superbly so far. The year is only one day old and I've already run 4 miles (have to lose the extra 2010 pounds that have attached to my body) AND cooked him and I our first meal of the decade (and my first meal involving more than one food item at a time in probably two years!).

Happy New Year.

Shopgirl said...

Thank you so much for the info Jill and comment :)

We were sooo lazy in the end and didn't make it over to Ludlow but as the boyf's parents live in the area, we will next time and will be sure to have a mug of hot choc!

Hope you had a Happy New Year, Emily xx

staklene bombone | hard candies said...

it is all so strange about the new year - nothing really changes, nothing happens, you just start counting all over again from 1 to 12. but still, there is some kind of magic in all that. cycle, cycle, cycle. it starts, it develops, it comes to an end. and it starts and it goes...
would be cool if the new day's resolutions had the same power as the ones made for the new year:)
happy, happy! and greets from belgrade