little acts of bravery: to be real

How random is this... I was home with the cat, searching for something else @ last September's fashion week (still haven't found it) and I stumbled on this: I totally forgot to show this to you!

Holly Fulton show. The big finale, everyone's coming out on the runway. The model in the yellow dress: I think this is Alek Wek*, who I adore. Just as she passes me, just out of my peripheral vision, there's a kerfuffle and she's down to the count. Just like Carrie in Sex and the City. And just like Carrie, she picks herself up and dusts herself off and keeps on going.

Please take a minute to watch the video. It happened to be on a night or two later, late at night while I was uploading fashion week photos. Talk about art imitating art (and further: at the Burberry show, which I didn't go to but SARAH JESSICA PARKER DID, apparently someone tripped there, too. I wondered if that episode went through her mind).

I defy you to watch that episode without welling up just a tiny bit. That line about the 'little acts of bravery': it kills me every time.

So what have you done today that you were scared shitless to do? Felt pretty good, huh?

. . .

*p.s. Talk about tripping and falling: I haven't been online for a few days (at Next event, more coming up) and left here not knowing I got the model wrong: she is AJAK DENG, not Alek Wek. I can see I"ve already offended at least two people, but my sweet friend Abi of Abimarvel tweet messaged me, and because I don't get twitter (or anything else, including text) on my phone, I didn't know until now.

The subtext is I'm an idiot (and possibly, a racist) because both models are black and I'm confusing them, but the truth is, I am just an idiot when it comes to knowing models, period. I only know a few names, like Frida Gustavsson because I happened to met and street shot her when I first started - before I knew who she was, and before she was so well known - but I've also for example made Bree Hemingway jump in the air for me and when I asked her name she said Bree but I didn't know who she was, either. Or shot Tali Lennox (she used my shot on her facebook page, and we're fb friends now) before I knew who SHE was.

What I'm trying to say is, I've fallen flat on my face with countless famous people, models or otherwise: people of all races. When it comes to making an ass of myself, I don't discriminate.
(In my own defence: at least I didn't confuse her with, say, Naomi Campbell). But I apologise to anyone I've offended.


The Photodiarist said...

I like these photos.

So what have I done today that I was scared of doing? Hmm. Have to get back to you on that one. I haven't been much of a daredevil today.

Unknown said...

gorgeous post. amazing photos. i love that line about the little acts of bravery- so positive :)

Style At Every Age said...

I love that episode of Sex and the City as I do all of them! Talking of the Burberry show, I watched it live streamed and when the model went down, I felt like crying for her, just imagining how she must feel, do you think they worry that their career may be over? anyway it broke my heart and for the final walk out, it looked to me as though she had hurt herself as she wasn't walking properly. Find the video on youtube when you have a minute. Lovely pictures of the show by the way x

Sarah Nash said...

I love that episode of SATC - the amount of times I've watched it and I've picked myself up from where I've been both physically and mentally. Loved Holly Fulton's how, I remember watching it online at home (didnt have the opportunity to be there for real) and the yellow pvc-punched out detail skirt was my fave, shortly followed by the dress. Amazing photos and I love the way you tied the two in together.

As always - loving your work.



San said...

Lovely pictures and by the way I think that her smile is awesome and does this whole fashion show a favor. I think those fashion shows with non smiling models always lack some thing, except for the obviously lack of real women with curves.

On to your question:
Well, I went for a walk in unknown territory and normally I wouldn't have strayed the first time from the paved sidewalks. But today, I went down those field walks of which I had no clue where they would lead. I was rewarded with awesome sights and even some money (found literally 2 euro coins) and I took advantage of a free swing on a playground for the first time in 15 months. Woohoo.

Pictures of this walk you'll find here: http://chrissanphotographers.blogspot.com/2011/01/pictures-of-perfect-afternoon-walk.html

And I have taken up posting on my hatblog again.


Shopgirl said...

I love Holly Fulton's collection. And that episode of SATC!! Love SJP and Carrie Bradshaw :)

My day has been pretty average. Haven't done anything that scared me. Need to start being more adventurous!

How about you?

*sunday* said...

wow! where do i start? firstly, i love sex and the city so you got me there. secondly, such a good observation and a well written article!

loved it, well done!


Veshoevius said...

teach a class!

Veshoevius said...

I also find that of that episode bit moving

Anonymous said...

Jill - wonderful pictures. I do look forward to your pictures and their commentary . . .

I also thought that episode of "Sex and the City" was brilliant . . . we all have to trip and fall at least 1 time in our lives (I probably have 100 times more than that) AND do something we are scared shitless - right. It doesn't end up so bad after all!!


Anonymous said...

this is SUCH a lovely blog, you were at the next blogger event today right? i'm following now :)

Anonymous said...

By the way that's not Alek Wek. Every dark skinned model with short hair is not Alek Wek. Smh. Maybe u should google her.

Please and thank you.

Andie said...

I really like this post, however as said by a previous poster, that is not Alek Wek. ;-)

jill said...

Thank you, Andie and anonymous: I was wrong. If you have a chance please read my apology in the post.

To everyone else- thank you, too. What have I done recently that was brave or outside my comfort zone? Not nearly enough. I've been thinking about that, actually, soon as I asked that question.

This isn't just a 2011 New Year's resolution by the way: I feel ever since I was a child that my 'resolutions' - my goals - are to try to do something nice for someone each day, and also, to push myself to be braver. Or, when I take a fall - as I do all the time - to pick myself up faster.


Anonymous said...

It's also Dree Hemingway, not Bree. Tsk tsk..:)

jill said...

Aha! There you go! Proof: I am an Equal Opportunity Idiot.

What can I say: it was late, I was thinking Desperate Housewives.. thanks for that, Anon. I'm leaving that one up, that's hilarious.

Tali said...

This post made me laugh! I have no talent for recognising models either.. I get EVERYONE wrong apart from the Victoria's Secret girls (how? Why? lord knows its my guilty pleasure!)

Im not sure I would be able to just get up and keep going.. but then thats why im not a model and am doing make-up instead!!

I havent done anything today worthy of mentioning. I may later after a few glasses of wine. My boyfriend and I have had a fight.. I am incapable of apologising as the idea of being wrong terrifies me. MAYBE ill try the sorry word tonight.

jill said...

Saying sorry - even and especially if you're not totally sure you're wrong - is the most courageous act of all. Hope you get the chance to say the S word tonight, Tali. I'll come visit your blog in the morning. Thanks for stopping by.

Fashion Limbo said...

I NEVER remember any model's name...I just can't. They are all the same unknown model to me: black, white, Asian, Mediterranean, African, Tunisian, German...you name it.

Love that SATC episode, the fall looks so painful, physically and mentally, but hey, that's why we love Carrie, she picks herself up and continues to be fabulous :)