being outrageous

My musical accompaniment for this post. Talking about Monroe and walking on snow white, New York's a go go and everything tastes nice. He's outrageous.

More from the Bowie show at the V&a.. yes, I'm being a bit obsessed, but there are still so many images I want to share with you.  And I keep thinking.. I've been speaking with so many people, friends who weren't even BORN when he was doing this stuff. And yet they connect with him. And, well, fair enough: after all, I think Shakespeare (or Marlowe, depending on your point of view) was a genius, and yet he was before my time.

I mean, even in his MUG shot, David Bowie still managed to turn it into a photo shoot.

So - at the risk of sounding very, very old, I"m going to put it out there. Who, today, is pushing the boundaries? I know Lady Gaga - maybe she's peaked, but even with the sheer numbers of fans, she always struck me as the next generation's Madonna.

Madonna, wearing meat.

But when I look at Bieber fans.. I'm not judging, but call me cynical: it feels like the whole X Factor, Pop Idol star-marker machinery has created drones, creations being managed by older men, it's about money and numbers (which equals money) and not about creativity. Being an artist.

All the images here were from that one press day at the show. I'm having fun with collaging the things I shot. I'm sure you're all bored to tears with Bowie by now, have moved on, and for all I know, no one's even reading this. That's okay: I'm having fun.

Now off to write my screenplay! Stay warm, kittens, and have a lovely day. xoxo

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ODYSSEY said...

I could never be bored with Bowie.
Wonder what he was arrested for..