miami blues

Okay: it's snowing, in London, in Spring.

Taking a break from posting about Bowie, and while crowds queue a short walk from home to see the show at the V&a (first day open to the public), I'm tucked up with a nice strong cup of coffee from the ancient Italian metal espresso maker my friend BK gave me in NY, ages ago, playing the blues.

I'm reading Keith Richard's brilliantly written autobiography, Life, reading about the music that influenced the Stones the most, esp. Muddy Waters. And thinking of a car trip down to Miami, when we were really young. My dad driving our cherished '64 Ford Fairlane station wagon - powder baby blue, the colour of sky. I named him Max. Wrote a book about him. Anyway, my mom had this game going, a variation of 'I'm going on a picnic', where you say your favourite thing about the trip so far, in initials. My kid sister, hair so blonde it was white, couldn't have been more than five, six, stumped us all with the initials MTWT.

She won. We spent forever, couldn't get it. It was Mutty Water.

So I'm getting all these press releases from the PR girls, excitedly telling me that It's all about Green! It's all about Blue! It's all about Prints! this spring. Thanks, girls, but I wear what I want, and I trust anyone reading this does, too. As you might know, if you've been here before, it's been All About Blue, Green, Aqua, crisp white, for me, for years & years. But especially since this last trip to Miami/Palm Beach, where I shot the top shots from the car - I came back tan, of course, trim from swimming, hair bleached blonde, esp. the bottom, from chlorine and salt water and sun, and defiantly wearing white jeans, baby blue jumpers, aqua and lime green.. you can see me a mile away, in this dingy grey gloomy London town.

And then there's the jellyfish blues. But that's for another post.


adrielleroyale said...

Aaahhh ocean colors, how I love them :) I just love the ocean - so funny the colors that are "in", like when did we start wearing our colors in blocks of time just because someone says so? It's still wintery in our spring here too and all of us here are having severe cases of spring fever I think lol :) Blessings to you and yours!

jill said...

Adrielle!! What a delight to hear from you!

Thanks - and blessings to you and yours, too ; )

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Hello Jill!

It seems to be snowing everywhere on earth except for California right now. And perhaps Miami.

Love that wavy, blue architecture. So perfect in its setting (I'm assuming it's Miami?). You mentioned youth, and Miami brings back mine, going with friends or my sister to South Beach for quick weekends. Blinded by the whiteness of Philippe Starck's designs at the Delano. Or thinking of Ester Williams and her bathing beauties by the period pool at The Raleigh.

And I also used to have a metal moka espresso maker, back from my university days in England when my Italian friends first introduced me to real espresso (waaaay before Starbucks ...)! My Mom kept my little pot through the years I was living on my own in NYC already, in storage just in case I ever claimed it. Now, my mom is gone and I have no idea if it is still hidden in her kitchen somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. In fact, after she passed, I looked in her closet and saw some of my old college sweaters (shoulder pads galore!). I left them in there. Unfortunately, I seem to have inherited my mother's pack-rat habits and inability to throw anything away.

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for all the kind thoughts. I still get dizzy spells and other symptoms if I push myself too hard. But other than that, I am slowly getting back to normal. -- J xxx

Stephanie Clayton said...

Your building photos are awe inspiring. They really take me back to Miami! I sincerely miss my trips there.
It's very pleasing, the repetition of color, pattern and shape in these images.