Still beyond frustrated that I can't get into Photobucket, can't get the ProSupport (the operative word being Pro, as in, I'm paying the f****rs!) to reply to my pleas, and haven't yet found a viable alternative. My lovely friend Jerry, in Santa Monica - the head of the department of psychiatry at a big university there - responded to my pleas with one word, DropBox, which I quickly installed, but it doesn't seem to have the code.

Ironically, they referred to my annual renewal fee - in the last time they corresponded with me, i.e. to get more of my money - as 'just a drop in the bucket'. Maybe to you, Photobucket!

So - because I need to get out, need to get on with my screenplay - I'm cutting and pasting another line of code from an old post. I'm loving the randomness of it - like a fortune cookie - and as always, reminded that what's out there on the street is irrelevant to what the industry tell us we'll be wearing.

We have, and always will - those of us who know our own style - wear what we want. This is - what, two years ago? I love this look because I love aqua, blue, bit of beige, and 3/4 length sleeves.

And the fact that she's - deliberately or not - channelling the Hitchcock Blonde in front of this particular sign.

Hope that whatever you're doing, wherever you are, you're feeling as calm as I now feel,  having vented on my post. And you're doing it with style, and Grace.


Lauren@Styleseer said...

How frustrating! Still, I am enjoying these wonderful older posts. Many thanks for your lovely comments and for re-posting my NYFW pic to LookBible!

ODYSSEY said...

Very Hitchcock indeed. Pretty photos.
I stopped using Photobucket because I longer need the service. Hope you get it sorted.

jill said...

Of course, Lauren! I love your work.
& thanks, S! xox