pool colours

This is rather frustrating: I can't post! Not for a week now.

I use PhotoBucket to upload my photos, and something's happened - I can't get onto the site, it disappears (I PAY THEM). I've sent email after email, and they're not replying, so I'm on a kind of blogger holiday, in town. Doing other things.

But I wanted to let you know why you're not hearing from me - I know in the past years, I've been kind of winding myself down, as a fashion blogger, but I do have a lot more I want to post. So I closed my eyes and chose a post from the past.

And it's fitting that it's got pool images in it. Pool colours. Jewel colours. I'm kind of obsessed at the moment with bright greens, blues, aquas.. the colour pools and the sea. At least, while my tan lasts.

I came to find you a great 'pool post' by Veshoevius, and her top post was on 'going green'. It's such a rich, thoughtful, beautiful post, like her.

These photos, by me, from the Holly Fulton show, eons ago. Hope to be showing you something new sometime soon.

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