looking back to the street: periwinkle

Even though I haven't been shooting streetstyle - not on the street, 24/7, the way I did when I started this blog in early 2009 - it doesn't stop me noticing what people are wearing. That's really hard to shut off. I'm sure if I started carrying my camera again, I'd be shooting.

While I still have a ton I want to show you from fashion week, this morning, on a whim, I felt like seeing what I posted exactly four years ago today.

And it was periwinkle! My other favourite colour, next to jaded gray (or celadon). Looking at the post now ('the blue reiss skirt') I'm trying to imagine how this same girl would style that skirt today. On a cold day. My guess is she'd ditch that jacket for a chunky jumper - maybe like the Danish jumpers Lund wore in seasons one & two of The Killing - but especially, it's the footwear that ages this look.

Today, on the street, she'd dress a skirt like this down, maybe with something thick and chunky like the Doc Martens 3989 shoe. Or if she wore boots, they wouldn't be quite this.. Uggish. They'd be more ankle length, more like Chelsea boots (which, ironically, my husband was searching for THE DAY I SHOT THIS: we were IN Chelsea, on the King's Road, and we tried every friggin' shop and couldn't find them anywhere). Or the ChloƩ Susanna studded leather boots - in any of the colours, black, red, tan or python - as long as it clashed with the skirt. She wouldn't go all matchy-matchy, like she did with the boots and bag. Or, I hope not.

And nice as that bag is, I'd love to see her with something cute, pastel. Something Brit-Stitch, like the Milkman or Half Pint, in pale yellow or jaded grey.

How would you wear this skirt today? Would you wear it at all?

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