more mustard, and beanie hat

Huge (literally) thank you to my good friend Stephanie, of ODYSSEY, for talking me through the process of uploading photos - IN THE SIZE I WANT - directly into Blogger. Bless your cotton socks, S!!

Another mustard variation, from Somerset House. I've been wearing a knitted cap like this - one of my husband's, it's big and faded navy. I guess also the way I've been wearing it, with a Jil Sander (the real Jil Sander, i.e. +j for Uniqlo: she's not designing for her own name now, long story) beige jacket and grey men's trousers, and whenever I wear it, my husband thinks it's a great look for me. He claims that he's noticed people on the street checking me out. Magic powers of the beanie hat.


Katharine said...

Love your blog!:) Would you be willing to say exactly how you do that with your photos? I am a bit lost myself..

daisychain said...

These are gorgeous photos (when are yours not?!) x

ODYSSEY said...

Thank you, Jill, for the mention! I'm glad you were able to sort out the photo issues (and without Photobucket - shame on them for leaving you hanging like that).

No surprise you get checked out and it probably happens often, beanie or not. :)

I'm all about beanies. Even though I rarely need one for warmth, they're great for windy conditions or no-hair-wash days. Now to find a lightweight cotton version for spring/summer...

jill said...

Thank YOU, Odyssey! Yeah, esp. now, I'm all about beanies, too.

Katharine: if you see this (and if I don't hear from you thru here I'll try to find you thru your profile) I can talk you thru it - 'pay it forward' from Stephanie at Odyssey - when up upload a photo, basically, you see it small at first. BUT there's an option below - in blue type - to change the size, and one is to 'original'. So you still have to re-size and save before uploading.

But I did just hear back from Photobucket - and I think I'm sorted... about to post, so we shall see!

And last but not least: Laura. Daisy. You are such a delight, thank you! xo