oh look out you rock 'n rollers

So we were in the back of a van - I can't remember who now, friends at the time, in college- driving across the border into Canada. No passports - it all happened so fast - so we were hiding under blankets, us girls. The boys were braver, driving. In control.

The van was completely reeking from marijuana, I can't imagine what they thought at border control - probably 'let's get this queue moving', because they let us through. There must have been tons of us, that night, leaving America. Crossing the border.

I remember exactly what I was wearing: a fitted, skinny long sleeved tee shirt, no pattern, but all in glitter. It was the most outrageous thing I owned. Wish I had it now. Bowie was playing at a venue in Canada, and no matter what the current trend, I lean towards clean, simple lines, so even my glitter phase was pretty minimalist.

And then the show. A sea of fans - an ocean - all glittered and glam rocked to the nines, and there's Bowie. In a soft, slouchy, dove grey suit.

Oh you Bowie, you, I thought while watching the show. Not that anyone saw, in the darkness, but I was laughing. You sexy Sadie: once again, you've made a fool of everyone.

Posting this today cause I'm home with a fever - missed my favourite yoga class - and discovered that Alan Yentob's iconic documentary on Bowie, Cracked Actor, from the Imagine series, is running on the BBC, just for a few days. And it's brilliant.

Images from the V&a show: Bowie's sketch, my collage.


Wendy said...

Ah, Mr Bowie, he's so on the pulse, bringing out that album at the same time as the V&A exhibition and creating a Bowie frenzy all over again...trouble is EVERYBODY wants to go and see his costumes now so no tickets left for me when I'm back in July.....boo hoo...you were lucky Jill, to see it all x

Matthew Spade said...

pretty much the only cat i'm listening to at the moment, i don't think i'll be able to go to the exhibition but i think hollie and her parents are