the bigger picture

Two images: above and below. They don't mean much on their own: just my favourite colours, and textures.

And then when you step away - and see the bigger picture - one is a glass ring, and one is a landscape.

I'm fascinated with the idea of scale. We were on a boat, off an Italian island called Ponza, and this teeny tiny dot was a man. It seemed - from out in the warm turquoise sea - that he was pulling something, from the angle of his body. But I guess we'll never know what. Or why.

Glass rings from a collection at the British Museum Shop. How Ponza ties in with the Pompeii exhibit? It's in my previous post, 'they walk amongst us.'

Life and Death: Herculaneum and Pompeii is on until the 29th September, but the Ice Age is only on til the 26th May. More details at the British Museum online.


daisychain said...

the first photo made me think of some crazy ice cream or something! x

Stephanie Clayton said...

I'm drawn to these icy, milky hues. They skirt both warm and cool spectrums....or at least to my artist's eye.