purple polaroid prints

Don't it always seem to go, that you want what you can't have.

And I can't have Instagram, at the moment, because I still haven't switched from an earlier model Samsung to an iPhone. So I have to spend that extra bit of time in Photoshop, making faux polaroids. I think it's the square format that I love so much. It's weird to shoot though, because you're composing in horizontal or vertical rectangles. But it's perfect for that fast, frenzied, off the cuff street style stuff.

Really into bright colours at the moment, because it's still so friggin' cold and dreary. Everyone's hunkering down, like it's Russia in the time of the Soviet Union, Cold War, bread lines, everyone's wearing dark colours and it's like they've given up. Today I wore: bright neon lime green jumper over hot pink purple and white print summer shift, black tights, black Chelsea boots, navy knitted cap, multi striped jumper and my husband's brown suede soft as butter jacket. Looked mad as a hatter, but at least I was smiling.

It's actually becoming a fun style challenge: adding something bright to winter clothing, and calling it Spring.

Shot after Burberry, LFW February A/W 2013.


Lucy said...

Oh dear - the description of that outfit did make me smile! Would love to see a photo of that one.

mtg said...

I'm with you. I just had the same conversation with the younger friend of mine who said she could not understand why people would want to degrade the quality of photos but she finally joined the Instagram since everyone seems to be doing it. I am still holding off but will probaly join in the near future. I think you put it just right it's perfect for fast, frenzied photos. Don't want to spend more time than I do on my blog and online general.