orange you glad

Hope you all had a lovely Easter - and Passover - and Bank Holiday Weekend (I love that phrase!). I can barely see as I type this - the blinding rays of SUNLIGHT are such a shock to the system. Just wanted to post some more shots before I went out - the sunshine is making me want to wear hot colours now, orange and pink and cobalt blue, bit of turquoise (that's Charlotte, btw, laughing: she's with the V&a press department, and is an absolute delight).

Also wanted to share with you something that I found, a virtual tour by someone who goes by the name ArtList1, while trying to choose a Bowie song to go with more of my shots from the David Bowie Is show at the V&a. I wish he (or she) had chosen music perhaps less.. ambient, but still, it's a wonderful visual tribute to what I still feel is the best exhibition I've seen. This is a museum - and a team of curators and designers - exploring the audio visual and technical possibilities, pushing the envelope. Which of course is the best tribute to a creative spirit like David Bowie that one could do.

They chose orange for some reason as a theme for the show, so that's what today's post's theme is, too.

And for anyone who hasn't yet seen the show, I love what Selfridges is doing, starting this Thursday, 4th April: a whole bunch of surprises tied in with the exhibition. Including makeovers with Bowie looks. Which reminds me of a story. I'll save that for another post.

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