one day without shoes

Here's a sweet thing that I nearly missed in my inbox: TOMs & MTV are joining up today, 16th April, for a global day event called 'One Day Without Shoes', to raise awareness of children's health and education worldwide. As a daughter of an educator who was always arranging for us to live in places like Afghanistan, so he could help build up the school system, I feel I owe it to his memory to spread the good word.

How you can get involved:

• Leave your footprint: post a photo. Of you, without shoes. On Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #withoutshoes.

• Leave your footprint: be part of an exhibition.
Each image with this hashtag will be uploaded at a dedicated TOMS pop-up space in Covent Garden, and printed live, creating an ongoing exhibition of the public's barefoot photos.

• Leave your footprint: join the TOMS barefoot walk.
Meet TODAY, 16th April, at 15 Monmouth Street in Covent Garden from 6:00 p.m.

Throughout the day, MTV will be showcasing the best upcoming Live music acts & DJ sets.

Read more about it on One Day Without Shoes.

Since I've been more or less Twitter free for over a year now (she says proudly) and I can't get Instagram til I trade in my still lovely Samsung for a new iPhone, I can only post here, and spread the word in my own little way. But since I've been shooting my bare feet since some of you were just a twinkling in your daddy's eye, I'll be posting some of my collection here, for your viewing pleasure.

Please let me know if you've posted - send me a link on my comments, if you'd like.
And watch your step! 

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