back to black: tulip

Inspired by a tulip I shot today at Holland Park, I remembered a shoot I did years ago - 2009 I think - with Estelle and Georgie. And took a gown that was blue grey, and brought it back to purplish black.

Speaking of, wasn't that a gorgeous version of Back to Black in Gatsby? I recognised Florence and the Machine - her voice is so iconic - but didn't realise it was Beyonce doing Back to Black. Or was it?

So much I want to say about this film. Another time. Have you seen it? What's your verdict? I love what Baz Luhrmann said about the critics, that the book didn't get good reviews, either. People, huh.


Angela said...

beautiful photos, I can't wait to see the great gatsby :) x

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it, but I think Leo D is too old for the part. He would have been perfect around his Aviator days, but now, not so much.


jill said...

re: casting, I only wished that Ben Afflect, who was meant to be Tom Buchanan, but couldn't because of his conflicts with Argo, had played Tom. At times my wishing it were Ben, instead of whoever it was that was so clearly WRONG WRONG WRONG as Tom, got in the way of my being able to concentrate on the film.

I was saying to my husband after (I saw it with a Swedish friend, and with my husband two days later) that it hit me, Leo has been Howard Hughes, J. Edgar Hoover, and now Gatsby, and somehow, he's been convincing as all of them. Even tho I know that Gatsby isn't a real person - well, you'll see. I can't separate the two: Leo just inhabited the character.

If only they could have waited til Ben Affleck was available, it might have been a perfect film.