my beautiful Tina, in lime: #IJ

"You know sometimes when you buy something different and just the right colour and if it costs just a little bit more than you would normally spend, it makes you feel on top of the world - beautiful, unique, happy. I hope that my bags will evoke that kind of feeling."    - Indre Jakumaite, designer/creator of #IJ

It is so rare that I get this excited about an object, but I've ordered the most valuable bag I've ever owned, the Tina, in lime green, from Indre Jakumaite, of #IJ (I love her url: hashtagIJ.co.uk: everything about the brand is so cool. Simple web design that WORKS. The same logo I'd have created myself. And the bags. THE BAGS!!)

Hand dyed Italian leather and wool felt, bespoke, British Made in her South London studio. I was thinking of combining the lime leather with the navy wool, which isn't on her site, and she would have done it for me - I mean, she is that flexible - but first I wanted to try one of her designs, as she designed it. So I chose the TINA CLUTCH, in lime. That is the perfect colour for me - not just spring and summer, but year round. It will go with everything: brights, white, black, neutrals, grey.. lime is the new black, when it comes to bags, I feel. And I love when someone does what they say they will. Last weekend, while we were in the English countryside, my beautiful Tina, in lime green, was born.

When it arrived in the post yesterday, a brown paper package tied up with string, and my kitten with whiskers started getting into the act (and no, that little bastard isn't getting his claws anywhere near Tina's pretty wool felt) I just felt like, man oh man, this is so definitely one of my favourite things.

This is a brand new, baby brand. She sounds so wonderful that we've already friended each other on facebook, and are planning to meet next week.

If anyone out there is reading this, please let me know if you have any suggestions for Indre, or if you'd like to help spread the word. As all you Creative Beings know, it's really hard to sell ourselves, but we can support each other. And I really want her to succeed.

So far, #IJ is only available online, at www.hashtagij.co.uk. But I have a hunch that's going to change, very soon. And who knows, maybe she'll even create a bag named Jill, in lime and navy, someday!


ODYSSEY said...

It's quite a nice looking bag. I can picture it in orange, too...and black (of course).
You've changed your blog's header! What did I miss? xo

jill said...

Stephanie!!! Thanks - hope you're enjoying your new home so far. Yes, I've changed the header - launched RoadTrip23 (we just saw Ocean's 13 again - I love the term 'soft launch'). I'm focusing more now on travel/arts/culture/food - with a bit of fashion, always, and especially continuing to help launch new emerging brands.

Indre's bags are truly gorgeous. YOu'd especially love some of her dark shades like navy blues, slate blues.. I hope she'll do a neon orange, right now she's got an almost orange - she calls it peach, but it's dark and bright (if that makes sense). Really well made - bespoke. xo