infinite shades of grey: harriet porter's paintings

What an exquisite treat it was yesterday - such serendipity. Grey day in May, so not a pool day, and my husband and I bundled up warm, walked into Holland Park and he saw a little poster. That's a painting! he said, pointing to what looked like a black and white photo of a spoon. We found the Ice House, MET the artist, Harriet Porter, and I was kicking myself I didn't have my camera (I shot these with my phone). And then we met the peacock couple (more about them later).

What was special for me was seeing a glass bottle that inspired her painting. And then the artist herself took this photo, with my phone (which I then played around with: the balance of colour with grey is so subtle, so infinite).

I've never met a fellow artist before who said so exactly why she makes her art: her 'day job' is as a talented stylist and art director, in interiors mainly, and she's - like me - an energetic, social being. So her art is what she does as a kind of meditation, a way of quieting her mind.

It's also uncanny, because of the images I was working with the night before, shots from years ago, in St. Ives.. I'll post that later, but I wanted this up, in case one person out there is anywhere near London. Because today's the last day this show will be in this special place. She's just put up this link, but just go to Holland Park, you can't miss the Ice House. It's right next to the incredible tulip gardens, and the peacock. The contrast of brilliant colours to the quiet of these greys is.. well, go see for yourself. But don't forget your camera.

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