old harry house: mid century modern

From my pre-digital, pre-streetstyle days: a weekend at our friends' house, in Poole, named Old Harry House, after the rocks, shown above when we went out sailing with them.

I am obsessed - absolutely craving - minimalism and mid century modernism.

As always - boats against the current - I'm drawn to the same themes. Can't resist a self portrait, for example, reflected in glass. And while I'm usually using a favourite pair of shoes, for scale, their little grey dog proved a useful prop.


photographer said...

Cool subject!

ODYSSEY said...

LOVE this. Yes!
I wish you could see the modern minimal architecture around Austin. There is even a modern home tour every spring (I think?)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Ohmigod - I love your friend's house! And these photos. There is something so much warmer about the pre-digital, non-highres days. Like listening to scratchy old vinyl vs CDs.

Hope all is well with you! - -J xx

jill said...

OMG: the two friends - one actually met, the other not yet met, we will - who I thought of, when I did this post. Uncanny that you left the comments, thank you.

and thanks, 'photographer!'

mtg said...

Your friend's house is absolutely beautiful. Yes, I am attracted to minimalism in architecture and home decor lately.