streetstyle: palate cleansing in black& white

Figured, right? Just when I changed my masthead and said that's it, no more street style for me - just travel, food, arts, architecture, film, blah blah blah, I was at the V&a with my husband on Sunday and saw Alice, above left, and Emma, right. It was sunny but cold and those two just had such great looks - not any one particular item, like 'oh wow I love your boots' - but just that beaming charisma that to me defines style. And even tho I didn't have my camera, I couldn't resist a shot with my phone.

Black and white is feeling SO crisp this spring, and into summer. It reminded me of what Paula Reed (formerly Grazia style director, now at Harvey Nicks, shot by me, below, when I met her at the Hatwalk event last spring) - I'm paraphrasing, but maybe not. Maybe it was verbatim. Something about how black and white is so clean, it 'cleanses the style palatte.'

Now I know that 'palate' is the spelling for taste, and 'palette' for colour, but in this context, what the hell, it's a bit of both.


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

jill said...

Thanks Micha! x

ODYSSEY said...

I keep scrolling up to get another look at Alice's and Emma's fab boots.
Cool shots, Jill.

Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

The thing is that, Jill, you are a master at photographing life, whether landscapes, fixtures, shoes...people...and streetstyle is a reflection of life, ESPECIALLY how you do it: no before hand preparations, no planning, just the good old (and the best) spot and shot a la Cunningham may I add. So it's no surprise you will spot girls like these, their style, boots whatever, and take a great shot, and you should! Darn it, I wish I would live in London just to bump into you and your camera at the V&A. Rob is in London this weekend, and I told him to go there to spend some time, it's such an inspiring and vibrant place! By the way, I only just saw your lovely comment on my & Other Stories post, thanks sooo much! xxx

jill said...

Aw, bless, Jess (this just popped in, I was just about to do a post) - and if Rob's going to the V&a, he's got to see the Bowie show. We saw people queuing, but I'm guessing it's possible to get tickets now on short notice, as it's been on for a while now. I love that museum - as you know it's right around the corner, and last weekend that's where my husband wanted to go - again. He's always got some obscure thing he wants to look up - this time it was metalwork, and Worscester pottery.

Odyssey, you are so kind. Both of you - lovely lovely women. xox

Aquaruby said...

Think I'll do a spot of style palette cleansing today - Paula looks great!