brighton bizarre

It was a gift from the Gods, this glorious bank holiday weekend: so much so that, today being Tuesday, and a school day and all, it's meant to go up to 72f, and we MIGHT - if we do all our homework - go back to Surrey this afternoon, swim outside.

So Sunday was a day trip to Brighton, and a brilliant BBQ with our friends living outside, near Stanmer park, where people were frolicking on the lawns (beautiful place, old mansion, a restaurant to go for drinks, and an eco house - more on that later). We passed this woman, hanging from a tree at a distance. Two men photographing her. I ran into the field and - it was quite spiritual - asked 'can I shoot?' and, while she twisted and twirled, she smiled and said yes. I took my shots, called out a thank you and waved, she & the two guys said you're welcome, and I was off.

It was a day chock full of bizarre, unexplained events. We saw antique trucks and buses on the roads around Brighton - beautiful old signs, one was a double decker bus that might have been the first year they did them, a real jewel - and then the clock tower, covered in shirts..

No explanation for any of it. One of life's many mysteries along the road trip of life.


Wendy T said...

Great pictures! I was intrigued by the clocktower covered in shirts so I did a bit of googling and its seems it is by a Finnish artist called Kaarina - apparently well known for her shirty works of art!

jill said...

Wow, Wendy, THANK YOU! Just told my husband. I'll google her too. I wish I knew how to reach you, so who knows - maybe hopefully you'll happen to come back to this post, and know how grateful I am that you took the time to do that.

I guess I could have.. it didn't even occur to me, and I'm always googling something. Now I'm going to try to find out what's the story with all those vintage trucks.

The Foolish Aesthete said...

How wondrous, Jill! I love instances in life where you just stop, do a double take, and wonder about it all.

It's been so long since I've been to Brighton. I have more typical memories of the beach area, where we all headed for my brother's graduation at the U of Sussex.

Love how you stitched together those photographs of the lady doing her aerial routine. They seem nearly as surreal as the tower with t-shirts (???)! - J xxx

Sim Carter said...

Hi Jill
You stopped by my Gone Girl post earlier; I thought I'd pay a visit and see what you're up to. I was thrown by the date at first, hmmm how did she post this on August 7, 2013? Ah yes, euro style. I read your profile, a funny bit of synchronicity because I just told my 20 year old today that he should apply for a British passport. He was born here in L.A., my husband is American and I've been here for over forty years but was born in London and am still a British subject. I'll come back to visit with a cup of tea - would love to hear more about your novel. Thanks again.