above us only sky

As you might have noticed on some of my South Beach posts, nearly all the girls are wearing faded blue jean shorts and white lacey linen tops. It's clear to see why this is the uniform: one is always just steps away from the beach, and while the weather changes, it's all about sand, sea, and sky. The light makes you just want to wear white, and your softest, most faded, blue jeans.

So, as with my Leopard in London series, I'm finding that I'm enjoying shooting variations on a theme.

This couple, who I didn't have time to stop and introduce myself to, had a kind of celebrity vibe to them. (Watch: it turns out they are, and once again, I'm clueless).* It made me think how easy it is to read thing into a photo taken out of context: in reality, they looked really happy & compatible. I caught a shot of them a few feet apart. If they were, say, Brad and Angelina, could we come to the conclusion they were Splitsville?

Speaking of: do you think the rumours are true? Are you an Angelina girl, or a Jen? Do you care? I haven't met either of them (nor, Brad), but I do hope that Brad & Jen get back together. I love a good fairy tale, and am such a softy for a Happily Ever After Ending.

I'm playing Imagine as I'm posting this. We leave Florida tomorrow and I don't want to leave: it's been so lovely.

It's cold today here in Palm Beach County, but it's our last full day of holiday, the skies are blue blue blue (after stormy weather yesterday) and no matter what, I'm gonna swim. We've had a perfect holiday, and I always feel so close to my father here, and happy childhood memories of visiting friends and family, and a connection with something so simple, and universal.

So here's my little thank you gift today, dear blog-friends, for your visits, comments, and support: click here. Have a happy day.

*Unbelievable! Sure enough: they are. Or at least, she is. Possibly. I've got this fabulous Anonymous Source (see comments) - someone always Anonymously tells me things. I don't think it's a real person: I think it's some kind of fairy godmother/angel/Goddess that watches over me, guiding me on. In this case, She informs me that the blonde in the photo is Lauren McAvoy, winner of Britian's Next Top Model.

You live & learn.


Leah said...

My ultimate dream is to live by the beach someday... and you won't see me wearing balck anymore. White will also be my staple wardrobe like those girls in South Beach.

the style crusader said...

oh those sky photos are so beautiful.
love the variations on a theme... oh la la, seriously can't wait until that is what i'm wearing!!! will seriously be saying good riddance to all my gloves, hats, scarves, coats and boots when the time is here... enjoy your last day on holiday!!

p.s. am not too fussed over brad & angelina. used to be totally into celebrities but am a little over it at the moment... i think you get to be too overexposed and you can only read so many grazia articles about the love triangle before it all gets a bit repetitive. (with that said i do check x17online.com every day... so i must actually still be interested!!) xx


I think the blonde girls name is Lauren and she won a series of Britains Next Top Model, I'm pretty sure of it!

Pamela said...

who are they?! The guy looks possibly like someone on Gossip Girl?!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who they are, but they look like they think we should! The guy looks British though (slightly skinny, top button done up).

I'm not sure about the split rumours. They seem to have them every month!


Tallulah Keats said...

Hey - thanks for all your posts. I love Miami - and the Delano hotel is fab, although I stayed in Fisher Island. So is that the shot of Lauren from BNTM? I thought she looked familiar - she looks good in these pics. Anyway - take care

I do like Angelina - she is super cool. They should just bite the bullet and invite Jen into the marriage

Anonymous said...

That's Lauren McAvoy from Britain's Next Top Model!!

Tallulah Keats said...

The time has come to talk of many things - of shoes and men and lingerie... and whatever hats have wings. And while the sea is full of yachts, and evil glamour reigns: let's make like Garbo, fuxk in the Delano and accessorise like...well... Coco.

Monica said...

how beautiful!

sincerely, the fashionista from

adrielleroyale said...

That dude should totally be holding a cigarette in his hand! (not that I'm condoning such a bad habit, but...) He's like a geeky, rich suave looking guy and like I said, the way his hands are positioned, it looks like a comfy spot for a smoke lol ;)

Cecylia said...

I love the bowed flats!

daisychain said...

Oh I so want/need to be there.

Susan said...

awww, she has amazing legs! :)

Me said...

hahaha... i'm sooooo on the jen-team! :-) but i have to say, since brad is dating angelina, it seems like he's became kind of a wimp.

jill said...

i know, i was thinking the same thing: after waiting FIVE LONG YEARS she'd - what - just end up with a sad fat old guy with a greying beard. not to mention, he says 'honey you forgot to buy more milk' and she says 'well yeah, honey, but you f*****d angelina jolie.'

Me said...

muahahahaha... you're just tooo funny!!
so, yeah she might still love him, but actually i think she deserves better!
but i really is a great excuse for every thing! chchch... you're great!