heavy metallics

We're loving the way that the Nineties & Noughties IT bags are being replaced by synthetic, lightweight sacks - literally bags - in metallic, synthetic fabrics. Save the cowhide for shoes (or better yet, follow Stella's lead & find ways of making gorgeous shoes in synthetics, too). Let's go faux! And still shine. For a fraction of the price.

What's next: futuristic metallic catsuits? Count me in! ; )

Shot at the Natural History Museum. And, below, a fabulous installation - outside - in my favourite lovely V&A courtyard, in the fountain, with frozen water. These little 'skyscrapers' actually have video cameras in them, so you can see yourself in a kind of metallic dot pattern.

Speaking of metallics.. my flourless dark chocolate new year's eve cake with raspberry glaze & edible silver balls (my other cake was coconut lime cheesecake, and eating them both together with heavy vanilla scented creme and fresh raspberries was sublime). Each couple made a course for the best New Year's Eve dinner party/sleepover (in Richmond) we ever had (well basically, the most cheffy of each couple made one: four courses in all). At midnight, to our surprise, the neighbours put on an amazing fireworks show: we stood out by the pool and watched it shoot in the air from the other side of a wall.


Ana Frost said...

Just a short note to wish you a nice sunday and week :-)snow in Madrid right now.

Cristi Silva said...

I love that bag!!!!!

Susan said...

oh that cake looks divine! yum! :))

sofiasophie said...

really really cool bag! I can imaginie it in lamb leather black & gold, even better!

Congrats for your shoot in boutique magazine! I saw it today.
good job, I like your part.....

Cecylia said...

Great bag and gorgeous cake

StyleSpy said...

I'd like to order up one of those yummies (either one will do!) for my visit in May, please!

jill said...

Oh is it May? Why did I have it in my head it was March? May is better, it might be warmer!

Sure, babe, I'll make both if you like. They're great together. (I should really try layering them). I'm looking for an excuse to post the coconut lime one.. will have to wait til green and a kind of yellowy/beige become a top trend.

Sofia Sophie: thank you how did you know?? I've only seen a PDF, is it actually printed yet? Did you contribute, is that how you now about it?

And thank you Ana, Christi, Susan & Cecylia! x

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

OMG, that striped bag is gorgeous!