high noon: scotch & soda

There are some moments when everything seems to converge. Just days before the end of the Decade of the Noughties, Mr. Dot & I had just finished a yummy lunch @ Luxe, and it was so cold & there weren't many people around. Streetstyle wise, it was a ghost town. Just before we got in the car, I said, wait one second. Took a quick stroll round the corner of Commercial Road by All Saints.

Within seconds, Odile & Olivier appeared, on a shopping visit from Paris. As I shot them, I saw Sarah & her friends across the street, shot them. I felt like a gunslinger in High Noon. Within the space of 5 minutes, I got four different posts. The other two will have to wait, as Mr. Dot is getting very impatient. He wants to see some fossils at the Natural History Museum. (I know: welcome to my life!) So I will leave you with the sourcing exactly as Odile & Olivier sent it:

She's wearing a Minä Perhonen coat. It's a japanese brand with finnish inspiration. Look at the embroidery !
The balloon skirt is Promod (cheap French fashion).
The boots are Think (austrian).

I'm wearing a G-Star jacket and japanese carpenters' trousers. It actually is a traditionnal cut and is still used by many workers. It's very easy to spot if you go to Japan.
The loop scarf is from Scotch & Soda. I really like the fact that it has no end. Depending on the number of loops, it can look quite different as well, even a sort of rough jabot.
The shoes are a now quite old model by Marithe+Francois Girbaud

(Me again: I was going to ask if you can see the embroidery on Odile's coat. It's gorgeous. Aren't they fabulous. And now I'm really curious about that brand Scotch & Soda! Better run. Hope you're all enjoying your last day of the festive holiday season!!)


Mom Fashion World said...

i have to adjust the brightness setting of my laptop
and move the screen. now i can see the embroidery on her
coat. love it a lot. olivier's trousers are awesome!

The Photodiarist said...

His trousers are cool. And yes - I see the embroidery on her coat. Lovely.

Pearl Westwood said...

So great to see international fashion! I have to agree with Mr Dot though, you can't beat fossils xx

Leah said...

I love Olivier's trousers... it's so cool.

Gee Lutor said...

That great your clothes, so style.

Anonymous said...

those are some pants- I'm glad you mentioned that they are Japanese carpenter's pants- other wise I would fear that the harem look was making it back into fashion...wonder why laborers' pants are soo wide?
Anyway it was fun to see the outfit Oliver put together- the wrap scarf adds balance to the pants.

jill said...

that's so funny you said that, m: all last spring when i started my blog, i was on such an anti-harem pants rant! i assumed that would be a series: railing against what 'the industry' was making us wear. but i haven't seen a trend crash & burn as quickly as harem pants did.

women voted with their feet ; )

but these - on olivier - i just think they're fab.

Cecylia said...

I am lost for words too

Anonymous said...

I remember your harem pants comments earlier last year- and kept hoping the look would go back into hiding...guess we got our wish.
now if only I could win the lottery- will you wish with me?

Susan said...

wow, those pants are gorgeous.