i'm leaving on a jet plane

I love a man in a uniform.

We're off to Heathrow, flying to Palm Beach (via Miami).. actually as you read this, we've already left. Don't worry, cupcakes, I'll be posting from there!

To keep you amused while we're up in the air, I'm posting this video. Someone took the song, mixed it with footage from Breakfast @ Tiffanys.. well you'll just have to see for yourself, won't you?


Leah said...

Have fun in Miami. xoxo

StyleSpy said...

Have a great trip and enjoy the sunny warmth!

Victoria said...

enjoy your trip!
i'm totally in love with your blog.

Ana Frost said...

I wish you have a nice time in your country, with your people, have fun.

Susan said...

wow! so elegant. have a safe trip and lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Miami!


Style Odyssey said...

hope you had a good flight across the pond...and surely i will see you soon in sunny, but not so warm, south florida!

Anonymous said...

hope you have a great time in miami!!! oh that pilot is a Singapore Airlines pilot! that's where i hail from! (: