just one look

If I had to pick one all time classic-with-a-twist look in a guy, to take on a desert island with, this would be it. It's so gosh darn Leave it to Beaver, Americana circa 1960, with just the slightest hint of edgy British punk.

This song instantly popped into my head. I'm thinking that you might be back at work, or school, and hope you had an absolutely perfectly wonderfully festive holiday season. But if you're feeling a bit down, this song by the Hollies might cheer you up (and yes, I believe that is indeed Graham Nash).

However, if you want a better version, musically - altho chocked full of so many Glamour Don't's I've lost count - there's nothing that beats that queen of 70s pop music, Linda Rondstadt. Altho I must admit there's a bit of aggressive, slightly bunny boiler in this version. I'd hate to see what happens to the guy that turns her down!

SO: whose one look would YOU take with you to a desert island? If you could only have one? ; )


Susan said...

he's got the look :))
have a sweet day, darling.

StreetStyleNews said...

Hej Jill,
as you "don't tweet" ;) , I wish you all the best for the new year via this comment!
Although I am curious about 'eternal summer', I hope you keep on posting a lot streetstyle pics here!


jill said...

Well, for you, StreetstyleNews, I'd make an exception ; )

Actually, I think the last tweet I twitted was to you.. did you get it? That's the problem, I don't check it & like the early days of buying online, I don't trust the process. Yet.

Don't worry, 'eternal summer' is like the neglected middle child. Streetstyle London is still my main focus and will remain so long as I have legs to run after stylish people with, and a finger to press that camera shutter.

Susan: thank YOU, darling! xox

Style Odyssey said...

i LOVE his jacket!! that's because (1) i really like plaid and (2) my dad wore this black wind-breaker with the same plaid lining for years and years (i even borrowed it a time or two way back when), until it finally wore out. i hope he invests in another one... i'm not "allowed" to buy him any more garments, as he says, he's "covered up with clothes"! silly man.

so yes, i see the appeal of this guy's style- even that funny baseball cap (which i usually loathe). youthfully perfect!

Unknown said...

i really like this guy's look!!!


Cafe Fashionista said...

He reminds me a bit of Kate Moss' ex - Pete Doherty, I think? :)

Unknown said...

I love it so much that you are posting pictures of great dressing men and teenagers. I love how this kid is dressed so simple and yet he looks so good! I love his V-neck and skinny jeans. From what I see in your pictures from over there in London, it must be normal for men or boys to wear skinny jeans. A lot of the pictures you take of men have them in skinny jeans. I would love living in an environment where men wear skinny jeans without being ridiculed. Lol. Keep taking amazing pictures of well dressed guys! Super inspiring!
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Anonymous said...

This guy's name is Matt Hitt. He's in the band The Muscle Club, along with being a model...

So maybe you could kidnap the whole band and whisk them away to your desert island, you'd never be short of music then :)

Beautiful blog,

Belle x

jill said...

Thank you, Belle!! (& Michael, Erika, Steph, Lhy & Susan of course.

That's so sweet of you to tell me (& thank you for the compliment). I'm looking at their video now on myspace... damn, they're good! That's so rad: so he's not just a pretty face. ; )

Hope to hear from you again - I'm gonna do a follow up and mention you, so please let me know if you want me to link your name to anything. xox