leigh @ la provence: miami style

We stumbled on a great place on Collins Avenue, near the Delano called La Provence for the best little brunch, which is where I met Leigh, a photographer from NY, who was on a coffee break from shooting her boyfriend kite surfing at the beach. Lovely, lovely girl, and so tall, I had to back way back, practically onto the street. She said she was a bit embarrassed to be photographed so scruffily, which only makes me wonder how great she'd look when she 'scrubs up', as they say in London. Sourcing (in her words):

Homeade cut-offs-Rock & Republic
Painter's Tee-JCrew
Hoodie-Merona (Target)
Camera-Nikon D60 ;)

I love her colours - blue and white and turquoise with the tans and browns of skin and hair are my favourite, most relaxing, happy colours ever. Which is part of why I love the Delano so much. I've got so many shots of various chair groupings, and I realise this blog is called 'street style london', not Hotel Lobbies I Have Known and Loved, but, still.. it's just so hard to pick one or two.

And of course, I've got to leave you with another shot of the reluctant Mr. Dot. When we were young, my dad, who had a great photographic eye, would put my sister and I in photos. Like Mr. Dot, we'd be all 'oh, dad, not another shot' but he'd say he needed us in 'for scale'.


Anonymous said...

- I love the Delano seating area- great place to watch the crowds... is it busy down there or has the economy kept everyone up north?
hope all is well and you and Mr. Dot are having fun!

the style crusader said...

wow. her legs go on forever!

also, am loving mr. dot in that photo... so funny that you are using him to scale the photo. it reminds me of alice in wonderland... like he has shrunk down to a tiny size after taking a sip of some 'drink me' potion. then in the last photo the furniture looks shrunken next to that massive light fixture above it. really love the photos. xx

Pearl Westwood said...

I love seaside colored furniture!

The Photodiarist said...

The Delano is fantastic . . . so breezy and luxurious.

adrielleroyale said...

That girl is gorgeous! and I agree with Style Crusader, her legs go on forever! Love the pic of Mr. Dot too. I'd never get one even that cooperative from my hubby, he hates having his picture taken. Hope you're having fun! :)

Good Girls Studio said...

That huge sofa is a fantastic! Mr Dot is almost elf like sitting in it :)

Anonymous said...

That garden furniture is brilliant! Whoever thought of having a sofa outside on the grass was a genius.


Rosalind said...

I agree with some of the others- her legs really do go on for ages! Nice burberry sunglasses too.
I wish it was warm enough to wear something like that here, we are now back to boring old rain.
Hope you are having fun, and I've been enjoying looking at all the latest posts.


Unknown said...

It's funny how you took pictures of furniture which by the way is so stylish and modern. I was in Boston yesterday and took some pictures of houses and their cool colors. Or at least I thought so. Mr. Dot is the same way I am when someone over does the whole concept of "Let's take family pictures!" Oh man. I have to say though. I like his boat shoes. The woman is really beautiful and I love her scarf! I like it a lot! My cousin has one and I am dying for one! I might get one in the summer. Like a summer scarf.
check out my trendy blog!

Susan said...

oh wow... I wish we had the weather for that! :)
have a sweet day, darling.

dot said...

Thank you all!

re: the Delano furniture, this doesn't even show the half of it. It's some great stuff which I'll still sprinkle into future posts, I promise ; )

It's funny, it's cold for Florida, still, so it's interesting to see how people are getting around that.. you'll notice Leigh had a layer on top that she had taken off... there's a lot of layering, but yet still a lot of short shorts. I love that look!

Wish you were here! xoxo

Dream Sequins said...

Mr. Dot is so sweet looking :) BTW- my husband is in Miami for work right now and I'm VERY VERY jealous. Ugh! Still wading through winter in NY :( I wanted to join him for his conference, but of course, I had work and meetings. Looking at these pictures make me even more jealous!!

Simply said...

I agree too. Those Delano furniture look great. I love the sunglasses too