luke & holly @ the luxe

This is Luke and Holly, managers at my new favourite restaurant, The Luxe at Spitalfields.

It's such an amazing space: started by John Torode, my idol (he's half the duo of the BBC series MasterChef). The ground floor is a huge open brilliant cafe/bar, the basement is a nightclub with various shows, comedy & music & stuff, then you go upstairs to the most gorgeous restaurant, with silk hand embroidered Chinois wallpaper from China.. well don't just take my word for it: go see for yourself.

On the top floor is a space for a kind of members only club, where they have private parties. The staff are the type who work really hard but make it look effortless. Holly was very kind to take a quick minute to pose for my blog: she's nice, pretty, cool, and I love her style and energy.

Flew in from Miami Beach not BOAC.. man we had a lovely flight. Not as eventful as our ride over ('virgin barbie'): didn't win any champagne, and I let them do the washing up this time. And it was really hard to leave Florida, leave my mom & all the friends there, and family, and those rich colours, the blues and turquoises and the water.. but there's something about returning to England. Mr. Dot once said his friend described it like sinking into a warm bath.

And considering how effing freezing it is here, that's exactly what I did. With bubbles, and baby oil. And since I ran out of bath salts, I borrowed some sea salt from the kitchen (tip: it does the trick!).

That's why I'm posting it today: going to the Luxe one of the things I'm looking forward to, now that I'm back in the UK. I've got the Lag, and got it bad, and now I can't get that song out of my head. It's worth clicking here cause whoever posted this, it's some great vintage Beatles footage.

Okay, I've posted. Too pooped to unpack, just going to play with the cat and go take a nap.


Iris / London Fashion Diary said...

woow this retaurant looks amazing! I hope you had a fab' time in the US!
Are you going to the V&A tomorrow night for the medieval & renaissance ball? I'll be there with some friends, all dressed up! =)

Susan said...

looks amazing!
have a sweet day, xoxo

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful restaurant!

amalia... said...

your blog is probably the best i've read so far, no doubt young lady :-)

Style Odyssey said...

nice to see your post...means you're back safe & sound, and hopefully refreshed (sounds like it!) beautiful scenery at this restaurant- what a cool vibe.

i went to south beach today w/ 2 girl friends (jenny, & my friend helen from my latest post)....thought of you & mr. dot wandering around, taking in the delightful color, sparkling sunshine, funky architecture...i wish you were still here! we could have met up there, one last fun outing...oh well. next time, "dot"! :)

(and by the way, i didn't get to lincoln rd to see ashley. will try to get back down there again before i leave.)

rest well, chat/email soon! xo

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I absolutely adore her style; and he is tres cute! LOVE the aesthetic and design of this restaurant - I'm not surprised that it's your favorite!! :)

Cecylia said...

That's a gorgeous painting!

jill said...

Oh, Amalia, thank you! Thank you all. It is a great restaurant. I should add: the food's great, too. I've only eaten at the more casual cafe so far but I've seen (& shot) the restaurant food, it looks amazing.

Time to check out all your blogs... ; )

The Photodiarist said...

Such a fun post! So much to look at. And HOW I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS! Thank you.

StyleSpy said...

Oooh. That place looks excellent. Let's go there when I visit in May!

Welcome home, J. Hope you lose your lag soon.