madame butterfly

At the moment I was holding a real live Christopher Kane velvet ribbon dress in my hands for the first time, at Dover Street Market - a heady experience, I promise you, I was in a bit of a swoon - this glamourous creature swept into my peripheral vision. For a moment I thought I'd gone into a film and was seeing a younger Bianca Jagger, or was he Mick.. he checked a few things out with a critical eye and was off, heading to another level.

In a flash, I was after him. Did my whole "would you like to be on my blog' thing & we planned to meet outside a few minutes, during which time, Margo (previous post) appeared.

Jake did some modeling for Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Mcqueen in the past, but retired and become a designer instead.
He's a St Martin Graduate, worked with Burberry and Dior before and now working for a London high street brand called M-BUTTERFLY. He's wearing a trouser/skirt by Comme Des Garcons, furry Knitwear top by Martin Margiala, and shoes by Miu Miu vintage. He's also working on his own line which I can't wait to see.

For your viewing pleasure, my favourite aria from Madame Butterfly. Mr. Dot has asked why I'm posting this version as 'she's no Callas' but she's good enough for me, and I like the image. Image, for me, is everything.


The Photodiarist said...

He's a him? Wow. Androgyny at its finest. Great look, though. Love that sasquatch coat.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh could that coat be any more fabulous!! :)

Taylor said...

Wait! What? Huh? Wow!
Great style no matter.

the style crusader said...

such unique style and such a sculpted face... he's reminding me a little bit of michael jackson.

WASHMACH said...


daisychain said...

holy crap
*has a masssssive crush*

StyleSpy said...

Wow. Go, Jake. I can't wait to see his clothes, either, especially given his CV.

Ana Frost said...

Wow! I had the same thought when I first saw his pic. I mean , I totaly agree with you, the first impression like "Bianca Jagger". He is so stylish!

Susan said...

wow, how cool! very stylish.
have a sweet day, xoxo

Unknown said...

Hey lovely fashionista peeps, It is such a compliments to be compared to Bianca Jagger! She is one of my Fashion Icons! All i need now is to buy a White YSL suits! Have met Jade Jagger in iBIZA few time and don't what she will make of me looking like her gorgeus mother xx

jill said...

Hey Jakee!! So glad you like the post. I saw Bianca once at Heathrow baggage claim & she looked right at me and I must admit, totally straight as I am, it was quite a thrill!! She's such a principled, admirable icon, style and otherwise.

If you can find a white pantsuit, YSL or otherwise, I'd love to do a photo shoot of you in it! All we'd need is a horse.

Come to think of it, I've also seen Gordon Brown at that same baggage carousel.. while his friend Tony was PM - somehow wasn't the same ; )

Thank you all for your lovely comments, on Jakee's behalf!! xox

Anonymous said...

OMG-Jake- what a great look- you really carry the outfit well!

Rosalind said...

This is a stunning shot- androgyny suits him so well! And its gret having the background information too, as you can probably guess I'm very interested in the fact that he is a designer!
I would say that coat has a very 'Where the wild things are'-esque feel. Which is definitely a good thing in my book!
I love the shoes too, perfect.
I hope you are having a nice time on holiday, and I look forward to more posts.


Unknown said...

well Jill I will hunt for that white suits and we can definately do a shoots!! i love creating illusion and just like my favoutite film 'Orlando'. Is all about androgyny. xxx