muscle man

Well I live & learn!

Someone named Belle kindly left a comment on my post ('just one look') that the guy I'd shot (but didn't stop to pose or speak to) is Matt Hitt, who's in the Muscle Club (and a model). I was just looking at their video: they're really good! They're playing around the UK, if you want to whisk him off to a desert island, you can find him on myspace (he's presumably the one with his cute as a button face hidden behind the camera).

Thanks Belle! ; ) xox


Unknown said...

you always spot the cutest and coolest boys. xoxo

Maria Tavares said...

^ Word ;D

Taylor said...

ha! You photographed a celebrity. I'm surprised he didn't charge you for the photo. :)

Pearl Westwood said...

How interesting! maybe he can sign the photo! I am terrible at spotting celebs too, I never know who anyone is! I met Pete Postlethwaite and knew he looked familiar so presumed he was a friend of my dads, I was mortified after waffling on to him when my friend pointed out I probly just recognised him off the telly!! He was very polite though ha ha!

jill said...

Ha ha I never seem to spot celebrities. Well let's put it this way: when I'm alone I never recognise anyone as celebrities, but with other people, they're spotting them all the time.

I've met quite a few over the years - they're almost always nicer than you'd think. Ewan McGregor (a friend of a friend) is really, really nice. So is Bill Murray. That is a whole story in itself. I had my own Lost in Translation experience with him in NY, years before the film came out.

Actually that's not true: I recently asked (on separate occasions) Jack Black, and Bob Geldorf, if I could shoot them for my blog. Jack B was minding his young son outside Paul while presumably his wife & others including someone who must have been his brother were inside buying stuff. He politely declined. I told him I understood, was just giving it a shot. It was all lovely.

Bob was with his girlfriend outside the Saatchi gallery: both in fabulous tweeds. Tweed upon tweed upon tweed. I wanted to shoot them for their outfits before realising who they were. He said 'no sorry' sadly like 'I would if I were just a civilian, but alas I am a celebrity and that's what we do: run from the Papps.'