postcards from palm beach: stripes

Shot as we were both in motion, on Worth Avenue. Day One in Florida was cold. It was amusing to see how people were dressing: some had pulled out the strangest things: ski jackets, boots.. I think this girl has the look just down. I didn't realise til now that that's Mr. Dot's head in the background. And that the skirt in the window matches the paint on the curb.

Patterns are emerging as the next trend, mark my word. A logical reaction to all that black.


Susan said...

how effortlessly cool!
have lots of fun.

Mom Fashion World said...

hello jill!
wow i'm so jealous you're in florida.
last night, i just told my hubby how much i missed florida
and now i just found out you're there. oh my, thanks for reminding me that i've to post my florida vacay pics.

i've to go back to that photo again and check the paint on the curb and the skirt. cool. they matched. do you think it's still part of the store's window display? probably they did paint it on purpose so the skirt will match.

p.s mr. dot is a good looking guy!

Taylor said...

They just don't sell warm (cold-weather) clothes in the south. Believe me, I've looked! I freeze because of it.

Team Inglis said...

oh just looks fab. i love that jumper!! can't wait for it to get that warm here!! xx

Team Inglis said...

p.s. would also love my hair to be that long... then i could do an alexander wang braid... oh man, that would be so perfect.

Leah said...

Hahaha... so I have to inject some patterns in my all-blacks. Until when will you be in Florida? It seems that you are having a blast. xoxo

Cafe Fashionista said...

There is something about her that is just stunning. And patterns...I agree, they will be huge. I myself cannot get enough of patterned tights right now!! :)

Pearl Westwood said...

I love how everyone, even the mannequins look deep in thought! Tell me Jill what does it feel like to be above freezing? Mind you the snow is going now xx

The Photodiarist said...

It's a cold winter everywhere. Even in India, I read not too long ago. So not surprising that FL is cold too.