the puffa, & the long haul

Having not left home since we returned to the UK, I can't report on any new trends in London for the past two weeks. I can say, however, that before I left - and I assume that things haven't changed that much - the emphasis was on staying warm. And that means fur, faux fur, or the infamous Puffa Jackets.

My inspiration for this blog - Bill Cunningham, who I've been following in print in the NY Times Style section since I was a kid - happened to do his column on it the first Sunday I was in Florida: this is the video, a very charming little film. It was a delight to sit on the sun deck, watching the exotic birds on the water, in a swimsuit, and read this article with my morning coffee.

I loved this couple, who we met at the Tate Modern just before we left. They were visiting from Japan. A rare sighting of non print style, in the Land of the Leopard Print.

Or, not, as it turns out. She found this vintage hat somewhere in London: their English was limited, so they couldn't tell me where. But they were really nice & fun to shoot.

I love Virgin: they have the best entertainment system. I stay up all night watching films, so naturally I'm a bit tired when we land. Still, I couldn't help but notice what the girls were wearing, as we queued for customs. Mostly: knits. On an overnight flight, you want to dress in the closet thing to cozy PJ's. Lots o' knitted mini dresses, and/or knitted ponchos or pasminas which double as blankets. I saw one look - a purple sweater dress with black tights & brown leather boots - that I liked. Just as I was about to whip out my camera, I remembered we were queuing for customs, after all, and if no phones are allowed, I can only imagine what they'd do if I took out my Canon.

So instead, I'm trotting out an oldie but goodie: Joanna, a London stylist I met last July flying over to NYC, where she was going to be working. Her look still uncannily is spot on trend. To see the original post: jet set (sea of hats).

What do you wear for the long haul?


the blue penny said...

you are rapidly becoming a favorite. i'm so glad i found your blog!

Taylor said...

I'm loving all three styles here. I'm all about slouchy and leggings during the cold months!

Pearl Westwood said...

I love her orange blazer! x

Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE the furry hat! As for me, when it comes to the long haul I'm all about black leggings, slouchy sweaters, boots, and loads of cocktail rings!! :)

Sarah Grace said...

Love the knit sweater. I love oversize sweaters with tights...very chic :)


Susan said...

I love that long sweater!
have a fab weekend, xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love Joanna's sweater and hat combo. Chic flying!

I wear my most comfortable skinny jeans and fluffy socks for the long haul.


Kira Aderne said...

Love the first couple :)

Cecylia said...

OOOh orange blazer!! I want! I need!

The Photodiarist said...

Love that last girl's look.

AMIT said...

Wonderful lovely pictures.

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