serendipity: ashley

Posting this from stormy Florida, so we've nixed our planned trip to Miami today. AND one of my best childhood friends just flew down from NY: her mom had emergency surgery (she's miraculously doing well). They're minutes away. She & I are like that all the time: the weirdest coincidences, like running into each other in the Hamptons by chance. And we've discovered that yesterday - without knowing either one was in the state of Florida - we went to our beloved re-located childhood bakery Flakowitz, at the same time. Literally missed each other by a minute. And were served by the same guy!

What does this have to do with Ashley, who I met on Lincoln Road in South Beach, Miami? Nothing. Apart from a bit of serendipity (or coincidence). I love her look, and while I was shooting her, right on cue, a little dog got into the shoot. And as I snapped, I asked where she got that great bustier & skirt & she said 'American Apparel: I work there' - and indicated a branch across the street. Which is ironic, considering I'm running their ad (more on this in yesterday's posts comments, if you're interested).

I love her style: her use of colour is so subtle. Can you see the red in her bustier, and the purple-ish tones in her lace up 'brogues' (in British, or 'Oxfords', in American speak)? And the subtle sophistication of pattern mix-up: you'll be seeing a lot more of this trend, I predict. If we get down to South Beach tomorrow, I hope to catch her again, see what else she's got up her sleeve. But of course, only if it's meant to be.

And I love coincidence (or, serendipity): to me it's proof of something bigger at work than just me. It's like that old line: if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

Have you had any incidents of serendipity in your life recently?

. . . . update:

I didn't realise at the time, but just heard from Ashley again, who just mentioned she took photos on a recent trip to India. She's a fabulous photographer, take a look here. Why am I not surprised: a good eye for style is usually connected to creativity in other areas. And she's so so nice!


the style crusader said...

love her look. and i totally adore her shoes. she looks so naturally gorgeous with such a fresh face and gorgeous hair. p.s. comments from last post were really interesting... very cool to hear about your reasons/motivations for the AA ad. xx

Fashion By He said...

love your blog, these pics are amazing

link exchange?

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Anonymous said...

hey Jill, glad to hear you were able to reconnect with your friend.... I loved Flakowitz in boca- where did they relocate? Next time you're in fla. we have to connect- I cam soo close to going down around the same time (then K said she was going to go----and her schedule got tight) soo sorry to miss you.
looks like you're keeping busy and having lots of fun. How's your mom?

Rosalind said...

Love the shoes! They are seriously beautiful (if such a thing can be said about footwear.)And you're right- I love how all those details match up very subtly.
I always enjoy looking through all your latest posts, when I have some time so I can appreciate tham all at once!
The weather looks so fantastic, could you send a little of that sunshine over to the UK?


Style Odyssey said...

Jill, here's another coincidence you'll like- Now that Firefox is cooperating (sort of), I come across the very skirt I've been looking for! I'd first seen it somewhere, but failed to recall what store. And then this post...and it's American Apparel! I'm heading down to So-Be later this week w/ a friend...Will definitely see if Ashley's at the location I visit (3 AA stores on South Beach), and whether they have this skirt in my size. I was already planning to do some pattern-mixing of my own- stripes and...who knows?

How about this crappy weather, huh? :(

Susan said...

how cute! I wish I was that skinny XD
have a sweet day, xoxo

daniela kate morosini said...

it took me a minute to realise, but is that a bralet? if you've got the body! she looks divine

p. dot said...

danniekate: I think so. It's lovely, it's got like hooks on the back.. I'm not sure what it's called, we did the shoot so quickly (she was just getting a coffee on a break) all I know is she said it's all American Apparel.

I dont know about the shoes, tho - I'll ask her.

Stephanie: (Style Odyssey) - that's pretty freaky. There's even more coincidences than that. (things in the Lost Email). Also we were going to go to South Beach tomorrow & I'd mentioned it to Ashley & she was going to give extra consideration to what she's wearing - but if we can't go, maybe I can put you two in touch and when you go - she's in the Lincoln Road branch - you could shoot her, too! I know (re the weather) - trying not to be a baby. I just swam in the rain ; )

Roz: see above. It's not great. But it's still tropical, & I'm still so glad to be here & don't want to leave!

Mona: what I meant was, the original Flakowitz was a bakery in our home town (Jericho Long Island). They retired & opened two branches, here & in Boca. And expanded to hot food. Which we're having tonight! My mom's doing GREAT - thank you. Hope your parents are, too. Let's talk soon.

Fashion by He - will definitely take a look. Thank you, and thank you, too, Susan! & last but not least, thank you Style Crusader for reading the whole long comment: you deserve an award! ; ) xx

sofiasophie said...

nice girl, I like the mix of these kind of shoes, and the shirt....

J said...

Simple Natural Fresh :)

JL said...

cute outfit!
the colours work really well- ♥ American Apparel


Kajsa said...

Hello! I LOVE your blog! And I found this thru americanapparel. Do you know where I can find the top she is wearing? I just need to own it! Thank you!!