together we make things happen

Spotted & dotted on Lincoln Road, South Beach, Miami, Florida.

My husband, Mr. Dot, is home & trying his hand at unscrewing the thermostat. We're waiting for British Gas to come repair our boiler & hot water heater, which have suddenly broken, and I'm typing this with a scarf wrapped fashionably round my neck (soft white knitted wool, a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law, who perhaps or perhaps not knew that I"m so into winter white right now). Mr. Dot is not naturally mechanically adept, so my heart goes out to him. We're pretty sure it's just a battery thing, so the race is on: will he fix it before we have to pay British Gas £210? Will they even show? I'm putting this out there into the ether, because I believe that, together we can make this thing happen.

The cat, who is napping at my feet, and I, have utter faith in Mr. Dot. My Man.

p.s. After a long & rather cold day - but probably even longer for the lovely guy from British Gas - we now have heat & hot water! And the reason was so fixable (something about a fuse, and a switch). He was so nice, and together, we made things happen.


StreetStyleNews said...

Typically such things happen on Friday afternoons right before the weekend!!!
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and - in that case even more important - for Mr.Dot ;)


jill said...

Thank you, Streetstyle News! ; )

I can hear Mr. Dot on the phone with them now: 'let me get this straight, first you said you'd be here before, one, then you said from 12:30 to six...' he didn't want me to keep this post up as 'it's not your best, Jill' but I know he's just frustrated & it's easier to take it out on me than on the British Gas people.

He just came in and said 'Oh I'd love to fix it myself, if I could just get the f****ng cover off! £220, just because I can't get the f****ng cover off!'

Hope YOU'RE staying warm, wherever you are, and have a lovely weekend! ; )

Susan said...

have a lovely weekend, darling!

Anonymous said...

Thank god you got it fixed! Can't even think of having no heating right now.

Have a great weekend!