bright young things

What is it, about summer, heat, sunshine, that makes certain moments.. golden. When you know, AT THE TIME, that you are living in a memory. One that will stay with you all your life - that you will look back at that moment, that snapshot - maybe all the other people in that photograph will be long gone, or perhaps simply gone from your life - and you will think: YES.

Yes, this is all that matters. Being present, here, now, alive.

The day I shot these was just.. GOLDEN. It was so hot, and I was in town - had just met a friend at the V&A - and while I cooled my bare feet in the water, this bunch were frolicking around, posing for each other's photos.. it was all so Gilbert and Sullivan that I suggest you click below while reading this piece.

There was a great series on the BBC recently, called the Age of Glamour. Brought on, ironically, as a result of the Wall Street Crash. One show - which I can't link cause it's gone - was about that golden period between the wars, when the privileged youth in England were on a kind of creative rampage. Dubbed the Bright Young Things, they were all about image, breaking the rules, having fun, and especially, reinventing themselves, and recording it, via the medium of photography.

It was all about image. About self expression, and seeking attention, and getting photographed, being in the papers. Being.. famous. Seen. They were, I feel, the original Self Style Bloggers. Everyone was a star in his or her ascendency.

Funny connections... Mat Buckets (buckets & spades) - who recently graduated! Congrats Mat! - tweeted about the show, and I promised him I'd do this post, which will have to be split into a few - too many shots. And then the gorgeous Imogen left such a good comment and I stopped by HER blog and saw she'd done a gorgeous post, titled.. yup, THESE BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS.

It is totally raining out - grey and cold and wet, real monsoon season in London town - so it felt like the right time to catch up and go back to a memory of sunnier times. Hope you're having a lovely summer weekend, wherever you are. Except if you're in the Southern Hemisphere, of course, in which case, a wintry weekend. Whatever: hope you're creating happy memories, as we speak.

Shot these bright young things in the V&A courtyard. Of course.


Matthew Spade said...

well yesterday is a moment i will never forget for the rest of my life, graduation day. and i tell you, it felt amazing, such a buzz. sad as i've made lots of great friends and we won't spend as much time together but great that we all move on and i'm sure our paths will cross again (i'm looking to move to manchester and i'm hoping one of them will come along for the ride).

in another thing about the BYT, i bought hollie a copy of Vile Bodies, based on the group. I picked up an original 80s copy on ebay for pence

StyleSpy said...

Just lovely, Jill. What a great post.

Nadine2point0 said...

Great blog - love this post :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Terrific capture of these bright young things. Such an aura of youth. And I'm giggling remembering "Three Little Maids From School are We"!

adrielleroyale said...

Aaaaahhhh youth :))

Veshoevius said...

Haha! great photos, what on earth are they doing? linedancing?

jill said...

Posing ; )

For a photo - creating happy memories.

I'll do a part two: I was just shooting, not particularly composing shots, just clicking - if you look in the background, it felt like everyone in the circle lining the vast wading pool were like some kind of happy audience - enjoying the little impromptu show. It was just like some kind of huge WHOOEE!! School's out moment.