This is the girl I met at the V&A the same Friday I met the Girl with the Lace Shorts: they're friends. (Isn't it funny: some days - mostly cause of weather - I'm not seeing anyone I want to shoot, and then, there are those moments when it seems the sun is out and everyone looks fabulous).

I noticed at the time how brilliantly her hot pink nails popped - and the pink in her bracelet - but didn't realise til after, those purple 70s sandals! This is one of my favourite combinations: if it's not the pale 'nude' tones of classic sixties vanilla/chocolate/strawberry ice cream cartons, this is more like gelato tones: deep mocha, darkest chocolate, and raspberry sorbet. And her smile! I was shooting a bunch while we were chatting, and I swear - not one bad photo.

It's a really bleak day here in London, which is why I chose to post these today. And wouldn't you know it: in the time it took me to upload these - the sun is peeking out!

Happy Friday, everyone, and have a lovely weekend. xoxo


StyleSpy said...

Oh, my word, what an adorable girl. I want to put her on my couch just so I can see that smile every time I come home.

Lauren said...

I agree, this is a delightful outfit. I love the pop of purple on her sandals.

The Styleseer

SabinePsynopsis said...

These pictures are so wonderful and sunny for a dreary day like this! and I think I want a loose stripey dress now. xoxo

adrielleroyale said...

She looks like such a happy woman :)

Blythe and Charlotte said...

I love the colors in this outfit, and especially that she picked neutrals for almost everything to let those absolutely incredible shoes and accessories stand out. Also, I like that the dress and stripes are all relatively sleek with simple lines, and the accessories are chunky. Genius.

Also, I want to thank you so much for the incredibly kind comment you left on my post. It literally made my day, and I can't wait to read your FBFF reply!

I am rather jealous of your living in England now (or more than before ;). No mosquitoes would be a huge selling point for me. Your husband sounds like a smart guy to bring that one up!


Damsels said...

she has such a fun style and a great smile. her shoes are an unexpected colr and her hat is adding a unique element along with her sunnies.