the girl with the butterfly tattoo*

The girl from the previous post, with the butterfly tattoo, is named Natasha. And her friend (who you haven't yet seen) is named Rose. And Natasha has a rose tattoo. Just one of life's many coincidences.

The other coincidence is I saw this dress somewhere, Alexa Chung was wearing it at a festival recently, and it was Topshop. Hooray! Here it is: the 'cream flower crochet insert sundress', for £34. If I wasn't married, could make my own shopping decisions, and didn't already have too many dresses, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I could have sworn I did a post about this dress - maybe not. Anyway, isn't it amazing. That's all, really, not much else to say: Natasha's tattoos, top to toe.

Shot in May, at the V&A.

*(My post title was a toss up between this and 'the girl in the cream flower topshop crochet insert sundress', but it's late, and that seemed a bit... long)


Emily (aka Shopgirl) said...

You're right - that dress is amazing!! If I didn't have so many dresses that they seem to have spilled out of the wardrobe and onto any available hanging space in my bedroom and beyond, I'd buy it too. But alas, I might still have control of my spending - but barely!!!! Haha!! xx

Talar said...

Love the dress and also love the tattoos! xx

FAB said...

Butterfly tattoes are sweet but common. More interesting with uncommon ones on unique places;) FAB http://fabs.blogg.se

styleeast said...

These are some of the nicest tattoos I've seen. I love how she manages to still look 'pretty' even with those big bold tattoos. And she's doing this dress even more justice than Alexa! xx

Matthew Spade said...

the colours look super, i'd consider getting something with a big of colour actually. i had the idea of a key too