try this

In my inbox today, an email from yours truly, MY MOM, titled 'YES JILL.'

This is what she wrote:

"Yes string dipped in wet flour? and we used to wrap it around balloons and then pop the balloons and when it dries you have what looks like a balloon only it's string.

It did happen, you aren't imaging it.

Love Mom"

She then sent a second email, with a link that said TRY THIS. I didn't take this photo, but I like it enough to break my 'only photos by me on my blog' rule. And besides, now that my disclaimer is the blog is 'not just streetstyle' - well, DIY interior design falls into this category. I really want to make these lamps! Especially now that I know it is not a phantom memory. (If this makes no sense to you whatsoever, read previous post please).


adrielleroyale said...

Love it! I might have to try that sometime! :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

That's pretty cool -- I can't believe that's just dried up string!

slowdownapproaching30 said...

Love it! But i'm just imagining the mess that I could create trying this out! x

Elizabeth said...

that is actually amazing. I need to do this with my little sisters too....a great summer activity.