sisters: a composition in black and white

As per previous post ('the girl with the converse sneakers') here she is with her sister, wearing black.

My sister is blonde, I am brunette.

I love my sister, and she loves me, but we are opposite in nature. There were times when my mom dressed us in matching clothes (I remember especially a gorgeous white silk material with huge purple flowers with greenery - my mom somehow had a dress in it, too - we called it our 'purple people eater' dresses). But somehow, the general rule was that blondes wore shades of blue, and brunettes the red/pink area. I'm fine on the pink front, but I 'don't do red'. I also remember one time - we were teenagers - she wanted to borrow a sweater and I didn't want her to because her bosoms were bigger than mine (still are, by a cup size), and I didn't want her to stretch it out. Floods of tears ensued.

Actually, come to think of it: a lot of my favourite clothes now are hand me downs from my kid sister. A pale pink 'poorboy' turtle neck, for example - which I might just wear today! It's cold enough.

If all goes according to plan, we'll all be together in one week's time. Can't wait!

Must run. Off to see a dear dear Italian friend who is visiting from Rome - a virtual sister. Have a lovely Friday, sisters. Shot - as before - at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


Cecylia said...

Love their smiles! Well done for capturing them!
Come follow my blog hun!



Fashion Limbo said...

haha love this picture! my sister and I are pretty opposites, I'm pale like milk à la English Rose, she's mediterranean bronze coloured especially in summer. I'm small, petite and thin, she's tall and curvy. I'm quiet, she's loud. I was born in the UK; she was born in Spain. And I could go on with the differences... one thing we have in common? we are NOT great in the morning, it takes us ages to wake up, and my boyfriend hates being around us at said time of the day ;)

style odyssey said...

cold enough for a turtleneck...oh my. i'd be happy to share some of this texas heat and sunshine with you.
these two sisters are too cute! i like how they're dressed...one in black, the other in white.

Lauren said...

Great shot! Love the contrast in dresses and personalities.

The Styleseer