the girl with the converse sneakers

She was with her sister (coming up as part of the sequential series). She is Chinese, and a student here. They told me their names, and where she's going to school, and we had a lovely visit in the pool on the hottest day of the year so far, but of course, we were actually in water at the time - without pens. I didn't give them my card and the chances of her remembering my name to find me are slim but she - AND her sister - were just so delightful.

Speaking of 'the girl with..' have read an article about the long term girlfriend of Steig Larsson, and the issues with royalties/money.. there's definitely a book or two, and a film, in that real life story!

Doing a self style shoot outside with Mr. D now, for two unrelated sources (will explain). He's been getting antsy to go get it done since 8:00. Got my props all set up but trust me: it will end in tears (i.e., mine).

Shot at the V&A, where I'm headed soon, to see & shoot the catwalk show for the Yohji Yamamoto exhibit, which ends in nine days: if you're in London, definitely check it out before it's too late! (closes 10th July). I'm cutting it close..

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