all that glitters is not miu miu

What is it about glitter on shoes at the moment? Can someone tell me? When I saw my friend Estelle at fashion week- it was a bizarre act of serendipity, actually, as I was replying to her text, while in the tube, making a plan to meet at Somerset House that day, knowing that it wouldn't send til I got to Embankment station, and who should walk onto the stop at that moment, mid-text, but Estelle! (and her blog name is Serendipity, and it's my two numbers: 23, and 7) and she was wearing these glitter shoes. I loved the way she paired them with red trousers - I love lavender and red, to me, it 'redeems' red - anyway, she said she got them at Primark, really cheap. Something like £6.

My previous post - and subsequent discovery that Office are selling a similar pair, the Larry, for £62 - reminded me that I'd forgotten to post this. There has been such a fuss, such a feeding frenzy, for the Miu Miu glitter boots, and court shoes - and I like them, and I LOVE Miu Miu as a brand (I love Miuccia Prada, period: as a person, and as a creative being).

The thing about me is, I instinctively bristle at any trends that start getting out of hand. I might like something on my own - like the way I admired Estelle's shoes - but I kind of shrink away from that crowd mentality, that fanatical 'everyone's wearing it' thing. Still.. there's something so Dorothy's ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz mentality about these shoes - and it's a concept that has such legs.. sorry, the cliches are just running thru this post, I'll stop now.

Thank you to Estelle of Serendipity 2307, to Miuccia Prada, for your inspiration, and to Net-a-Porter, for inadvertently letting me steal these four product shots. This pair of gorgeously impractical glitter and suede peep toe booties, for example, can be purchased for a mere £555. They are boots meant for taxis, and parties, and most definitely, not made for walking.


Estelle said...

My motto: Never spend money in Fashion, just spend money in Classic!
And those glitter shoes are the perfect example, in 6 months I'll sell them for twice the price because it was just a trend!

I look so cold on those pics, that's the day I came back home and start my 5 days hibernation stuck in my bed :D

See you soon xx


Lauren said...

I'm not a fan of glitter shoes, but I sure love those red pants!

The Styleseer

mtg said...

lol,you're killing me. talk about being on the same wavelength. plz, check my boot post out

(and yes, putting glitter on my western boots did run through my mind but I restrained myself). I had to talk myself out of it by DIYing another pair of boots I just got. They are black suede and the heel is very much like miu miu glitter shoes. So I thought instead of actually applying glitter to shoes, I need to come up with glitter straps that will be removable!! Too many ideas, too little time ;)

Emily said...

Was just thinking about how this would lend itself to a DIY project - for those so minded - and then I saw Maya's comment :)

I'm with Estelle, that spending money on a trend like this that will (likely) get old very quickly (due to over-saturation!) is a waste. I am kind of in love with her Primark bargains though and very tempted to have a look in my local store when I'm passing next...!!

Hope you're well lovely, xx

mtg said...

Hi Jill,
I had to come back to this post. Just saw somewhere Dorothy's quote. It goes something like this: faith, hope and love will do wonders, but ruby slippers won't hurt either.
Yes, I think sparkly shoes will do wonders to anyone's mood...