laura bailey blue

Next up in the Contagious Smile series: Laura Bailey, in blue herringbone, at the Topshop Unique show at Waterloo (I swear to you, Kittens, this is not the only show I shot at: I am just overwhelmed with indecision about what to post next - and I keep finding more shots from that day). In fact, this wasn't even what I meant to post today: I woke up wanting to post about polka dots, but when I went to look for what I was picturing in my head, these shots simply jumped out at me.

Does ANYONE out there know who the woman in the jeans is? I met her, another day at another show. Actually, I thought I'd also spoke to her in the ladies' loo: someone was wearing a really fabulous Fifties look. 'Can you describe it?' she asked, as we chatted before a show started. 'Kind of wide skirt, fell just below the knee..' Definitely not me, she smiled.

I love people who know their own style (note, btw: she might be wearing old blue jeans, but those boots.. hot damn. They're kind of Chelsea Boots in detail, but with little kitten heels!). Wide Fifties New Look silhouette, definitely not me, either. What Laura Bailey is wearing is so me - I love bare legs with blue dresses and black boots, as also worn so well by the woman next to her in polka dots, oblivious, texting or tweeting. (I love how before shows, there's that waiting-in-airport-lounge feel: it does so feel like a flight is about to take off).

Notice how the blue of Laura's dress has changed from shot to shot: I don't know why, and I haven't messed about with the balance. The simplicity of this look - blue with black and bare legs - it's so in keeping with my Virgo style, that I had to look up Laura Bailey's birthday. She's a Leo (6th August), and I can't believe she's nearly 40! But she's so much more than just a model: she contributes to British Vogue, and is a Cultural Ambassador to the BFC. And, I guess, no relation to the photographer David Bailey.

But I'm much more curious about her friend: I can't help but wonder what they're laughing about here. Does anyone know who she is? She told me her name, and all I got was maybe Jo something. She was delightful to me, and the day we were chatting, as the show was about to start, I rose to leave where I was seating, in the row in front of her: the front row. No, stay, she said: Someone's got to sit here. It wasn't til after the show that I realised I was sitting on a paper that said 'reserved for Anna Della Russo.'

And I just realised, polka dots did feature in this post, after all. Even if in a minor, supporting role.


Fashion Limbo said...

Oh Jill in love with all of the shoes we see here, The Chelsea boots are cute, but the wedgy booties are to diiiiiiie for :):):) No clue who the woman in jeans is though, sorry I can be of no help here xxxx

daisychain said...

Oh goodness, she is perfection.

O D Y S S E Y said...

she is just lovely. both are, in fact.
these two really stand out in blue.

ediot said...

hi darling jill.
you are so sweet to leave me these comments. just lovely.
thank you so much. i read them today on my way to the doctor/at the doctors office. and you made me feel more happy.
i've had a viral infection in my nose/ear/throat since just before lfw.. and i haven't had time/wanted to leave work to go to the doctor.. but anyways. not much to do after all. just rest. and drink lots of tea. non caffeine though. since i got some pills to treat me from my nasal spray addiction?!. (can't breath without it during the night since i got the infection) and these pills have some strange affect of the body so that if you take caffeine you will get all hyper.. and i need to sleep so that's a big no no. well (might already be hyper)

anyways here i'm babbling and you share this fantastic post. i LOve laura's dress, she is breathtaking herself. but the dress is amazing.


Serea said...

Love your photos, I follow you!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that look who made the dress I want it!