trick or treat

Woke on this dark gloomy morning and had planned to post something bright and cheery - something with aqua in it, like either some of my shots from the David Koma show, or Holly Fulton - and then I remembered today is Halloween. So dug up this one from a few years back: a friend asked me to take her daughter trick or treating, while she worked. Her daughter had decided I should go as a black cat, and she did my make-up, and my hat.

It's kind of a weird holiday here in London: there is, or was, an enclave of 'Americans', as the locals called them. A few houses, in leafy Kensington, that were all done up for Halloween. All the yummy mummies in greater London would drive their kids over and wait while they hit up those houses for candy. In all the years we've lived here, our doorbell hasn't rung once. True story.

Musing, tho, on Halloween costumes past. For fashion bloggers, this is such a great concept: dressing up. I remember one year, my concept was 'JAP (Jewish American Princess) on holiday'. Because I'm a)from Long Island and b)Jewish on my mother's side - which makes me Jewish - I thought, well this is simply self depreciating humour. I wore a pair of ironic jeans, with high heels - a look I NEVER wore back then - and even took the time to wrap cardboard with tinfoil, for a three way suntan reflector. Carried a little camera.. at the party, once I'd put the sun reflector and the camera down, everyone was asking me why I didn't wear a costume.

Lesson learned: subtlety, and irony, have no place on Halloween. Go for the big getures.Hope you all have fun today, and get lots of candy.


Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

hehe I'm experiencing a weird Halloween here in southern Spain. Still very sunny and a tad warm at times, I have an outing planned for tonight which isn't subtle at all... a ghost, but of the Pacman fame. Still unsure how it's going to work out, but if it does work ok, I will take plenty of pictures. Happy Halloween Jill xx

O D Y S S E Y said...

fun photos.
you are correct: subtlety and irony don't work very well at halloween. i've tried similar, and people just don't get it. everyone's looking for over the top stuff.

Matthew Spade said...

it seems like i was the only person on my friends list that doesn't go for the whole halloween thing, i'm just not into it. i don't really like dressing up either, never have.

wowee i get to be your only blog read of that day, man that's some will power you have there. glad you chose buckets! you should nip down to goodhood, it's in east somewhere