karolina on the koma katwalk

After the David Koma show - my last, and perhaps favourite, of all of this season's London Fashion Week, at the Topshop Waterloo Station venue - I had the privilege of going backstage, to interview David Koma, who was lovely.

That post - and posts - will have to wait. Because I've waited long enough to start posting some of the delightful models I met backstage. The first was Karolina: she emailed me right away, saying this:

Hello, Jill!
Im that active girl with to an e-mail from you, in David Koma show and really cant wait to see all the pictures!!! :}}

I asked her a few questions, and her reply was so delightfully effervescent - so like her nature - that I have to quote it for you, in its entirety. I did the same thing when I started this blog - a model named Frida Gustavsson ('form follows function') and I predict the same level of stardom for Karolina.

"Yes, Im back now to my high school in Lithuania.
Well, I like school, there heppends most funny things (haha)
I like languages. English, Russian and lithuanian too. Really like history and maths too. I dont know i kind of like all of the subjects, they all are interesting and new :))
Last year I finished music school. Im singing, dancing, playing with piano, doing music stuff with notes, if you now what I mean..
Now im still singing there and going to festivals, contests other events :) and now started playing with violin, so its kind of bussy ;D
I love reading especially classic books, now its Ana Karenina, amazing book!!! Ofcourse I loove travelling, speeking with peoples, meet to ones, beeing out in nature, going out with tents, doing few days festivals, waching movies, eating delicious cookies/chocolate and that kind nice food. I should say that I love that eating process, its feels so good, thats why im eating too much ;DD
Im with Supermodels in Lithuania. I dont know, I love doing shows, its so active and cool, I love it :)
That dress is from Mango, haha ;DD

I think thats it :))

Not quite: what I love about this 'active girl' was her generosity of spirit. In these shots, for example. What was going on was, she was hugging the stylist for the show, Kim Howells, who was too modest to want to be photographed. Karolina kept urging her on. It was so sweet. My grandmother - my mother's mother - was born in Lithuania, near where Karolina is going to school now - and my grandfather was born near Kiev, not far away. So I feel a special kinship with this Active Girl, and admire the way she has the same enthusiasm for her life as a schoolgirl, as doing the catwalks.

Okay, that's it - for now. But next time, I want to show you the other models, and talk about the show!


mtg said...

Hi Jill,
She is absolutely lovely! I've been to Lithuania ones, pretty place!

Did you know that David Koma was Georgian born? His real name is David Komakhidze. His bio on wikepedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Koma

mtg said...

p.s. Karolina's smile and energy are absolutely contagious even across the ocean through the computer screen :D :D :D

adrielleroyale said...

Great shots, love this line!! :)) I love how you always capture the heart/life of the people you shoot, seriously anyone would be privileged to have you do a post about them! :) xoxoxo

O D Y S S E Y said...

amazing post, Jill! you know i love the color of that skirt that karolina is wearing on the runway.

thanks for sharing with us. i can't wait to "meet" some of the other models through your upcoming posts.

hugs, xoxo

daisychain said...

You always feature the most wonderful characters Jill x

Pearl said...

What wonderful smiles! These pics made me smile :) I hope all is well - in Spain again seeing my sis. It is just so easy to hop on a train here!



M. Cookie. said...

Great post ! Lucky you are !! Wonderful pics !

The Foolish Aesthete said...

"Effervescent" certainly captures her spirit, as your photos did! She looks like a wonderful girl who definitely has a lot between her ears. (In fact, every Lithuanian -- not many -- I've come across seems to have a lot of interesting stuff between their ears) Love all the stuff she's into.

And thanks for your comment. I can't wait to see what you and Sabine get up to for Halloween! xxx

Style At Every Age said...

She looks like such a happy girl and what a gorgeous model she makes, I love the outfit she is wearing on the catwalk.

jessica said...

such wonderful natural shots of her, I also really love all the clothes! I cant wait to your Halloween snaps, I just know they will be epic!